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PMR regularly publishes different types of subscription products that address a wide range of our clients’ needs. These products – newsletters in pdf files, online market intelligence platforms, data-focused market updates, etc. – are replete with up-to-date and reliable market information, analyses, indicators and statistics. PMR subscription products provide decision-makers around the world with information on market players, new industry events and forecasts. Our clients can choose from a wide scope of convenient formats in which PMR subscriptions are available: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly; offline and online.

A subscription to PMR products puts strategic, regularly published business information and market data in the hands of decision-makers who:

  • operate in Central and Eastern Europe or CIS countries,
  • develop operations in regions,
  • analyse a market’s current situation and prospects in different sectors,
  • monitor competitors’ present activities and future plans,
  • calculate market value and market share,
  • forecast business growth possibilities in regions,
  • conduct own analyses of markets.