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PMR market reports are country-specific and regionally-focused publications dedicated to particular sectors: IT & telecoms, construction, pharmaceutical & healthcare, retail & FMCG. They cover Central and Eastern European markets and provide an expert level of market analysis, data, indicators, forecasts and description of business conditions and the competitive landscape.

An in-house team of experienced market analysts and experts provides first-hand, verified information, comments on market events and evaluates their potential business impact. PMR reports are often enriched with data, trends and conclusions based on proprietary research studies.
PMR reports are prepared according to the PMR Market Insight Methodology created, developed and used by PMR experts. It assists in the complex preparation of reports and industry analysis, as well as enables convenient data structuring and market monitoring. To read more on the methodology, click here.
PMR reports are the best choice when entering or performing operations in the region, analysing investment opportunities, developing corporate strategy, updating on industry trends and events, and in many other business situations.