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PMR Retail Insight: Poland

12-month subscription

This products includes statistics data and news.


PMR Retail Insight: Poland subscribers can benefit from an access to comprehensive market data and statistics, including key indicators and forecast based on exclusive PMR data and the latest news from the market, combined with unique insights and analysis from PMR experts in the form of articles, commentaries, graphs and tables on the most currently important issues in the marketplace. It also regularly provides most important news as well as expert commentaries on each segment of the Polish retail market.


Market segments and topics regularly described in the news section include:

  • Grocery
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Cosmetics
  • DIY, furniture and furnishings
  • Consumer electronics
  • HoReCa
  • E-commerce
  • Household chemicals
  • Children’s goods market
  • Sporting goods market
  • Private labels
  • Distribution channels

This insight is delivered in the form of access to an interactive online platform, and offers weekly e-mail updates with the possibility to create regularly pdf files with the latest content



What is the content of PMR’s Retail Insight: Poland?

  • Expert commentaries and interviews given by industry leaders, association representatives, economists and PMR’s analysts
  • In-depth analysis of the current situation, future growth prospects combined with explanations by PMR experts
  • Examination of current tendencies and future trends that influence the market, (including consumer behaviour) and macroeconomic factors
  • Trend analysis, forecasts and indicators based on exclusive PMR data
  • Market data, statistics and indicators presented in tables, dashboards and graphs, if possible including historic, current and forecasted values. Data includes the general retail sales value, retail sales value by branch specialisation, inflation rate, average employment in the retail market, average retail market salaries or consumer confidence index
  • Commentaries and viewpoints from external and internal specialists
  • Detailed articles and market updates covering:
  • the size and structure of the Polish retail industry
  • popular market trends
  • developments in new store formats and distribution channels
  • expected changes in the particular segments of the Polish retail market.
  • News briefs include a variety of developments on topics such as legal issues affecting retail market performance, changes in retail space occupancy as well as new investments.
  • Analyses of Merger and Acquisitions deals, as well as new entries and exits on Poland’s retail market
  • Current coverage of top retailers and their activities:
  • market entry
  • financial results
  • strategic movements
  • bankruptcies
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • chain developments and expansion
  • Articles dedicated to market leaders’ financial situation; analyses are accompanied by information on companies’ development plans and strategies.

  • Regular evaluation of the retail market’s climate, consumer moods and private consumption

  • Listings of new stores opening and stores closures, together with expert commentary on significant changes that occurred in the market.

  • Updated Footfall Index, presenting weekly and annual comparisons of data gathered from actual shoppers at stores across Poland

  • The latest updates on top food and non-food producers: tracking their movements as they invest in new factories, enter new markets and form joint ventures, as well as monitoring of their financial conditions, business growth and development plans.


Who benefits from the PMR’s Retail Insight Poland?


  • Management, sales and marketing executives use it while developing business strategies, planning to enter new markets or performing research on the competition.
  • Specialists working in retail businesses use it to grow the effectiveness of their daily operations and adjust their activities to the retail sector’s rapidly changing situation, including overall market condition, consumers’ preferences and behaviour, competitors’ strategies and new business opportunities.
  • Companies providing services for retail businesses, suppliers or manufacturers of different categories of consumer goods use it to find and successfully target new clients.
  • Financial institutions, banks and investors use it for information that can be utilized in locating the best investment opportunities in Poland.


Why to buy PMR Insight?


  • To develop business strategies
  • To plan entering new markets
  • To perform research on the competitors and their strategies
  • To grow the effectiveness of daily operations
  • To adjust business activities to rapidly changing situation on the retail market
  • To follow consumers’ preferences and behaviour
  • To find and successfully target new clients
  • To locate the best investment opportunities on the country’s market


First of all, PMR weekly and monthly publications are quite interesting. Every week I receive Retail Update Poland and Central Europe Retail. It's the information I need about retail in those countries. It allows me to understand what happens on those markets. I've recommended this publication to my colleagues in Russia. Member of the Board of Directors, Yves Rocher
PMR is a great tool for information consolidation. I use the website and weekly summaries regularly to catch up with what is happening in the retail market. Even if I have previously seen some of the news in other outlets, PMR allows me to have them in one place, so that it is easy for me to refer to them later on. General Manager, international retail company
Our experience with PMR is a positive one. The retail reports they have are accurate and to the point, handling the important issues. With their newsletter you are kept updated on the short term as well. We very much appreciate their accurately informing us about available reports by regular contact, without being obtrusive. European Marketing Research Manager, international retail company
The regular updates from PMR give us a detailed insight into the retail market that we couldn't possibly gather ourselves without significant resources. This information helps guide our strategy and decision-making in marketing and in selling our products to the retail market in Eastern Europe and Russia. Market Development Manager, Zebra Technologies Europe Limited
The information provided is very up-to-date and keeps us in the loop. Switching from pdf to online access proved to deliver even better results. We would always recommend PMR as a one-stop shop for all you need to know before making any decision. Thanks for all your efforts. Development Manager, GVA Grimley
We use PMR's services due to their analysts' extensive experience in market analysis, their high quality and level of engagement in the market research carried out for us. We consider PMR a competent and professional company and recommend them as a reliable partner in the area of economic information and market analysis. Senior Trade and Investment Adviser, British Embassy in Warsaw
As a London-based company, with operations abroad, we looked for the best-in-class Market Intelligence supplier. PMR brought us quality reports that improved our CEE market knowledge and understanding. Development Manager, GVA Grimley
I really appreciate regularly receiving the most significant market information of our principal marketing area in a consolidated format. The PMR services include not only an accurate level of detail, but also have central instruments such as a subject index and an abstract for the conclusion, allowing a fast orientation. Chief Marketing Officer, Eisberg Group
It's a great pleasure to cooperate with PMR because of its analysts' wealth of experience in understanding the local market. We consider PMR a competent and professional company which helps us conduct our business. I would also like to state that PMR's team is always ready to respond to emerging customer needs. We can recommend it as a reliable partner. Business Analyst, Hilti Distribution, Russia
PMR's retail publications give me detailed insight into retail developments in Poland, even concerning 'minor' developments. It is the most informative English-language resource that I have found. General Manager, Royal Ahold, The Netherlands
I am very satisfied with the service that PMR provides us. Our business needs up-to-date information as we would like to catch all the opportunities in our fast-growing markets. I receive all the important news about CEE and Russia from one source and gain insight from PMR markets analysis. I can recommend PMR as a partner to all companies who wish to make business on a professional level in this region. Development Director, Baltika Group
Your weekly and monthly newsletters help me keep a clear view on the developments in the food retail industry in Central and Eastern Europe. I also know from my colleagues in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia that they very much appreciate the quality and topicality of the news you provide. Please continue to do so. Director Market Intelligence, Royal Ahold Netherlands
PMR's analysts understand our needs well and the standard of their service has always fully met our expectations. We are looking forward to cooperating with PMR in the future as well. Senior Trade and Investment Adviser, British Embassy in Warsaw
I have been using PMR news update services for a few months and I appreciate their professionalism, kindliness of the staff, punctuality and quality of materials. I would strongly recommend the news update services as it is an economical way to save in-house company resources. Senior Analyst, Beragua Capital Advisory