Telecommunications market in Poland 2017 Market analysis and development forecasts for 2017-2022

Telecommunications market in Poland 2017

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2017-2022

The most comprehensive publication concerning the Polish telecommunications industry. It offers a wide range of strategic data and forecasts, as well as key performance indicators (KPI) for both the whole market and its individual segments: mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony and internet access services. The indicators show both historical and current trends (for the years 2006-2016), short-term forecasts (2017-2018), together with medium-term and long-term forecasts (2019-2022).

The publication includes detailed profiles of the main players operating in the specific segments of the market, including their operational indicators and financial results (total revenues, revenues achieved in individual segments of the market, revenues structure, EBITDA, CAPEX, RGUs, number of subscribers, ARPU, MoU, SAC, churn rate). Additionally, the report contains expert analyses of the effects of trends, investments, major events (full calendar for the last 15 years) and regulatory changes in the telecommunications industry. 


The 3-in-1 report includes two additional tools, namely the Executive Summary in the form of a PowerPoint presentation with charts/graphics - ready material for presenting data and conclusions during key strategic meetings at your company as well as the Database of report stats (an Excel file) containing the most important statistics from the report so that you can analyse/aggregate the data on your own – a tool that is particularly useful for Analysts.


What is the content of the report?


  • Value of the Polish telecommunications market and telecommunications services market in the years 2005-2016
  • Value of each of the key segments of the telecom industry – mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony and DLISP in 2005-2016
  • Key indicators of further development of the market and its segments, value and growth dynamics during the period 2017-2022
  • Detailed profiles of major telecoms operators: operational indicators and financial results (including total revenues, revenues generated in individual segments of the market, revenues structure, EBITDA, CAPEX, RGUs, number of subscribers, ARPU, MoU, SAC, churn rate), major events, acquisitions and investments.
  • Analysis of the current consumption, regulatory and technological trends shaping this market and the influence of each on growth and development of the industry.
  • Detailed data and analysis of the internet access market divided into access technologies, both in fixed-line (xDSL, CATV, FTTx, Ethernet, FWA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX) and mobile networks.
  • KPI in individual segments of the market: RGUs, major telecom operators’ total numbers of subscribers (including total number of SIM cards divided into pre-paid and post-paid, fixed telephone lines, internet access subscribers).
  • Nearly 20 rankings showing the market shares of individual operators in terms of volume and value, and their shares in specific segments of the telecommunications market.
  • Market structures:

- Mobile market: sales revenues from subscriptions, calls, SMS/MMS, data transmission, value-added services, international roaming, interconnect settlements and wholesale market.

- Fixed telephony market: divided into subscription, national and international calls, VoIP and PSTN market, interconnect settlements and wholesale market.

- DLISP market: sales revenues from internet access services, data transmission and line rental, the shares of individual access technologies in terms of volume and value, B2C and B2B market shares.



Who benefits from the analysis? 


The report will be especially useful for managers and specialists responsible for the marketing, sales, strategy and development operations of the following types of companies:

  • Operators of mobile telephony
  • Operators of fixed-line telephony (PSTN and VoIP)
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Cable TV operators and digital platforms
  • Providers of IT services (services and software) for telecommunication operators
  • Network equipment suppliers
  • Mobile phone manufacturers
  • Technology providers for the telecommunications market
  • Portals and content providers (including media: press, radio, television)
  • Representatives of government, central administration and trade organisations
  • Companies offering financial and investment services
  • Organisations involved in market research, business and legal consulting.


Why to buy the report? 


This report on the telecommunications market in Poland is useful when:

  • Operating on the telecommunications market in Poland, especially in the mobile telephony, fixed telephony and internet access market.
  • Evaluating the activities of competitors and estimating the potential of specific segments of the market, when planning investments, mergers and acquisitions, introducing new products on the market and direction of marketing activities.
  • Determining sales targets based on a benchmark/consensus in the form of forecasts and assumptions presented in the report, as well as the results of other market participants.
  • Identifying business areas that can provide additional revenues and reduce the churn rate.
  • Building long-term investment strategy and assessing risk, especially in terms of investing in transmission and access lines.


The main advantages of our report:

  •  Unique, in-depth analysis of the telecommunications services market in Poland.
  • The report issued every year for over 15 years
  • Valuable experience of PMR research team primarily in terms of the proper interpretation of data and indicators
  • Long-term contacts with market participants, owing to which we obtain data directly from operators, which allows for discussion and clarification
  • Verification and unification of data from different sources (operators, reports prepared for shareholders and potential investors, our own and third-party research, data from market regulator, reporting forms from operators). We always look for data convergence which makes the comparison possible.
  • Verifiable forecasts owing to the use of mathematical modeling as a tool supporting expert evaluation.




Market commentary by expert

"According to our forecasts, the convergence and intertwining of different segments of the telecommunications market is still the most important trend observed in the market, and in this respect, the situation in Poland doesn’t differ much from other countries. We assume that this trend will also shape the market in the coming years. On the one hand, the operators will specialize in a specific type of business, and on the other, they will look for development opportunities outside their core business area (sometimes even despite relatively modest successes in the short term). It is worth mentioning that the assessment of the value of individual market segments is becoming extremely difficult and an increase in the number of bundle services in the coming years will only make it harder to differentiate between particular segments.

Assessing the real value of each service offered in the bundle is becoming theoretical, as in fact it depends on the operator’s willingness to highlight a specific service. Moreover, operators, aiming to quickly cover the decline in revenues from services, introduced installment sales of hardware and telecommunications equipment. This allows them to show the entire amount immediately in sales revenues. At least in the short term, this effect will still be observed and the operators’ sales revenues from installment sales will continue to increase, though the growth rate will slow down.

At the same time, taking into account the recent consolidation trends observed among the major players, analysis of the telecommunications industry in Poland in the coming years will depend on the assessment of the situation and forecasts for five or six largest players. T-Mobile is yet another company strengthening its position on the market, following the two most powerful groups in the market (Orange and Zygmunt Solorz-Zak group, led by Cyfrowy Polsat, which already absorbed Polkomtel). P4 and Netia have also reached critical mass. Cable TV market is consolidating, led by UPC, which in the fourth quarter of 2016 announced signing a preliminary purchase agreement of Multimedia Polska."

Paweł Olszynka, Head IT&Telecoms Analyst, PMR

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