Non-public hospitals market in Poland 2017 Investment plans and comparative analysis by voivodship

Non-public hospitals market in Poland 2017

Investment plans and comparative analysis by voivodship

The report elaborated by PMR experts includes an analysis of the current situation and growth potential of the market by voivodships and major cities. It was prepared on the basis of PMR’s own survey. The fourth edition of the report studies current and future trends, as well as legal acts, along with assessment of their market impact prepared by PMR experts. The publication contains an analysis of hospitals run by private operators, as well as entities transformed into companies. The report shows the most urgent problems and opportunities of the sector from the perspective of practitioners – management staff of more than 100 hospitals surveyed by PMR.

The report presents investments planned by non-public hospitals and projected spending on that purpose, as well as source of their financing. In addition, PMR experts identify niches – specialisations showing the greatest prospects for growth in the non-public/private sector.

The publication also presents profiles of the largest non-public hospitals in Poland. It provides information on the size of a given facility in terms of revenue, total bed counts and number of beds in individual wards. The profiles also include an analysis of the facility profitability, its future plans and degree of benefiting from state funding.

You can also buy a database of approx. 600 non-public hospitals operating across Poland. It contains up-to-date information on the referral level, value of the NFZ contract for 2016-2017, as well as contact details, total bed counts and number of ward beds. 

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You can also buy the report’s executive summary in a PowerPoint presentation format along with charts/graphs – ready materials for presentation of data and conclusions during the most important strategic meetings at a company, as well as an Excel file with the most crucial data from the report, allowing for your own analysis/data aggregation – a tool that is especially useful to Analysts.


What is the content of the report?


  • Non-public hospitals that will be established in Poland in the coming years and development forecasts for the next 5 years
  • Value of planned investments in the sector of non-public hospitals and their source of financing
  • Location of non-public hospitals in Poland, their operational profile, financial data, plans
  • Ranking of the largest non-public hospitals in Poland
  • Value of NFZ contracts concluded by non-public hospitals
  • Comparison of saturation with services in non-public hospitals in individual voivodships and in the major Polish cities
  • Findings of PMR survey on operations of non-public hospitals in Poland conducted among management staff of non-public hospitals
  • Legal regulations affecting the segment of non-public hospitals in Poland
  • Growth barriers for the non-public hospitals market
  • Trends stimulating further market development
  • The most and least prospective specialties in the non-public hospitals sector in Poland
  • Analysis of market saturation, including the number of non-public facilities and services provided in individual voivodships.


Who benefits from the analysis? 


  • Companies interested in acquisitions in the Polish hospital market
  • Entities operating non-public hospitals
  • Manufacturers and distributors of drugs and medical equipment
  • Companies that provide services to hospitals
  • Private equity funds
  • Consulting, research and analytics companies
  • Businesses considering participation in transformation of public facilities into non-public ones
  • Institutions promoting development of the medical and pharmaceutical sector.


Why to buy the report? 


Use the report data when…


  • selecting new location and specialty for a non-public hospital based on the current and projected market saturation levels
  • analysing competitors’ business activities
  • preparing operational strategies for a new non-public hospital
  • selecting specialty to be included in the portfolio of a non-public hospital in a given voivodship.
  • the report is an indispensable tool for equipment and drug suppliers, consulting or IT companies to estimate the market potential by regions and conditions observed in the segment
  • elaborating strategies for the hospital market distribution of products (drugs, medical equipment) and services intended for the market
  • monitoring new market trends and assessing their impact on the current and future financial performance of the companies, as well as considering changes to the company development strategy.
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  • Methodology
  • Executive summary
    • Overview of the non-public hospitals market in Poland
    • Growth prospects for the non-public hospitals sector in Poland
    • Results of the survey conducted among non-public hospitals in Poland
    • Overview and assessment of growth prospects for the most attractive specialisations in non-public hospitals
  • Overview of the non-public hospitals market in Poland
    • Number and characteristics of establishments
    • Largest non-public hospitals
    • Contracts of non-public hospitals with the NFZ
    • Establishment of new non-public hospitals in 2014-2016
    • Acquisitions of non-public hospitals and private hospital operators
  • Growth prospects for the non-public hospitals sector in Poland
    • Hospital transformations
    • Expected events and trends
  • Investment plans of non-public hospitals
    • Establishment of new non-public hospitals in 2016-2022
    • Establishment of new wards at existing non-public hospitals in 2016-2022
    • Launch of new diagnostic laboratories in 2016-2018
    • Planned purchases of equipment in 2016-2022
    • Investment expenditure in non-public hospitals in 2016-2022
    • Sources of funding for investment projects
  • Results of the survey conducted among non-public hospitals in Poland
    • Introduction
    • Growth drivers and barriers for non-public hospitals
      • Growth drivers
      • Growth barriers
    • Assessment of the cooperation between non-public hospitals and the NFZ
    • Digitisation
  • Trends projected for the market in 2016-2022
    • Likelihood of new hospital operators entering the market
    • Likelihood of smaller hospitals being acquired by larger establishments
    • Expected legal changes
  • Overview and financial standing of non-public hospitals
    • Financial standing in 2016
    • Financial standing in 2017
    • Proportion of revenue generated under contracts with the NFZ
    • Spending on medical equipment
    • Year of establishment/transformation
    • Average number of patients
  • Most common specialisations
  • Most prospective specialisations
  • Analysis of saturation with specialisations by voivodship
    • Slaskie
    • Mazowieckie
    • Wielkopolskie
    • Dolnoslaskie
    • Pomorskie
    • Lodzkie
    • Malopolskie
    • Podkarpackie
    • Kujawsko-pomorskie
    • Warminsko-mazurskie
    • Zachodniopomorskie
    • Lubuskie
    • Lubelskie
    • Opolskie
    • Podlaskie
    • Swietokrzyskie
    • Warsaw
    • Wroclaw
    • Poznan
    • Katowice
    • Lodz
    • Krakow
    • Tricity
  • Profiles of selected non-public hospital groups operating in Poland
  • Database of non-public hospitals in Poland 2017