Integrated telecommunications services market in Poland 2017 Bundle and multi-play offer analysis

Integrated telecommunications services market in Poland 2017

Bundle and multi-play offer analysis

Comprehensive report on the integrated telecommunications services market in Poland. The analysis covers sales of bundle telecommunications services in Poland. The report focuses on the offer for the B2C segment (households and individual users) and presents data for the years 2007-2017. Bundled/integrated/convergent offer means a commercial offer comprised of two or more of the following services:
- Fixed telephony voice services (PSTN / VoIP)
- Mobile voice services
- Fixed-line internet access services
- Mobile internet access services (modem + PC)
- TV services

These services are presented as one offer, at a single price and placed on a single bill. The most important feature of a bundle service is the lower price of services offered as a bundle than the one for all services from the bundle if they were sold separately. The analysis is based on PMR dedicated consumer survey (N=1000), which studies the use of telecommunications services sold in bundles. The survey also included the issue of customer satisfaction and main reasons for using or not using bundle services. The consumers were also asked about the use of multi-SIM bundles and other bundle services not connected with the telecommunications sector (e.g. financial services, energy and gas sales).



What is the content of the report?


  • The number of subscribers of integrated services in total and divided by individual types of bundles. Identification of the key market trends. SWOT analysis.
  • The number of subscribers of bundled services and the number of RGUs sold in bundles broken down into individual operators (Cyfrowy Polsat, Orange, UPC, nc +, T-Mobile, P4, INEA, Netia, Toya). Cumulative data, showing the structure and breakdown into different types of bundles within the base of an individual operator.
  • The analysis of an offer and portfolio of operators in the field of integrated services, primarily prices, ARPU. Shares of individual players in terms of value and volume.
  • Prices of bundle services in Poland, discount policy and additional services.
  • Financial services provided by telecommunications operators (RGUs divided into operators), electricity and gas sales.
  • PMR forecasts for the integrated services market for 2017-2022 in terms of value and volume. The complete picture of the market: division into RGUs, which constitute the bundle offer in post-paid segment (pay TV, fixed-line internet access, mobile telephony – voice services, mobile telephony – mobile internet, fixed-line telephony – voice services) and a similar list of services sold separately (for comparison).
  • Dedicated B2C survey (N = 1,000). Popularity of bundled services and saturation of services in Poland. Popularity of individual operators. Cumulative data, showing the services penetration in the cities of up to 100,000 inhabitants, over 100,000 and residents in the rural areas.
  • Presentation of the key trends and KPI relating to the use of bundles in Poland compared to other EU countries.


Who benefits from the analysis? 


We recommend the report to managers – including heads of business development, marketing and sales departments – of the following enterprises active on the telecommunications market in Poland or interested in entering the market:

  • Telecommunications operators, regardless of their specialisation and segment of activity
  • Cable television networks 
  • ISPs
  • Suppliers of telecommunications and network devices.

The use of bundled and integrated offers goes beyond the telecommunications sector and extends to banking services, tourism, energy, gas sales, etc. With that in mind, we also address this report to enterprises from outside the telco sector, such as:

  • Banks, insurers and energy companies
  • Polish and international financial institutions (banks, brokerage houses, investment funds)
  • Consulting, research and business intelligence companies
  • Chambers of commerce, professional organisations.


Why to buy the report? 


Companies operating on the telecommunications market in Poland can take advantage of this report and in this way expand their market shares and revenues:

  • When developing a strategy for the coming years, it is necessary to know market trends, growth forecasts and potential 
  • When preparing a budget or making financial decisions, hard data on bundled services must be taken into account 
  • When planning the use of you own customer base, it is worthwhile to find out what the competition is doing
  • When outlining the possibilities of cross-selling services to existing customers, it is advisable to find out what the preferences of bundled service users are
  • When preparing new offers, companies may take into consideration the market opportunities presented in this report, e.g. alliances and connections between telecommunications services and other services for the mass market. 


The main advantages of our report:


  • Unique report, collecting data about the integrated services market in Poland.
  • The most recent verified and methodologically coherent data on the integrated services market in Poland, which results from both direct face-to-face conversations with market participants, as well as a dedicated B2C survey and verification of data obtained from Polish telecom regulator (UKE).
  • Market structure, divided into segments and market development forecast for the coming years.


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