IT services market in Poland 2017 Market analysis and development forecasts for 2017-2022

IT services market in Poland 2017

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2017-2022

The report analyzes the IT services market in Poland and activity of the largest players operating on the market. It also presents estimates for individual market segment, together with the forecasts for the years 2017-2022. The report contains the value and growth rate of the IT services market in the years 2005-2016 and detailed structure of the market broken down by market segments and shares of key players.

Analysis of the market demand, meaning the use of IT services and demand for them in the Polish market, was carried out on the basis of a dedicated research conducted by PMR in the first half of 2017 in large companies employing 250 or more people (N = 300) and in SMEs (N = 600). Data is complemented by in-depth interviews conducted among representatives of more than 100 largest IT companies in Poland (part of the study was dedicated to IT services, in particular the IT outsourcing market).


What is the content of the report?


  • Value and growth rate of the Polish IT services market from 2005 to 2016
  • Development forecasts for the IT services market during the period from 2017 to 2022
  • Market structure in terms of value (2005-2022) and segment analysis, including IT maintenance, IT integration, IT implementation, IT consulting, construction of IT infrastructure, IT training and IT outsourcing
  • Leading IT services companies – a list of the 50 largest companies in Poland in terms of IT services revenue and detailed profiles of the 15 largest providers, including financial results, major events, agreements and portfolio of services.
  • Shares of key players in the market and its individual segments
  • Trends shaping the situation in the IT services industry
  • List of major contracts and projects implemented by Polish integrators and IT service providers in 2013-H1 2017.
  • Results of two research studies conducted by PMR among large companies (300 interviews) and SMEs (600 interviews) in the first half of 2017.

    - Penetration of IT services in Polish companies divided into key economy sectors (retail and distribution, industry, FMCG, services, transport and logistics, utilities, finance and insurance)

    - Own IT infrastructure vs. willingness to implement IT projects with the use of external suppliers

    -Models of cooperation with IT vendors (traditional vs. body leasing)

    - Plans and budgets.

  • Results of a recent research study conducted among managers of over 100 of the largest IT companies in Poland, providing insight into development of the market, IT outsourcing and managed services.


Who benefits from the analysis? 


  • Managers of IT service providers, training, consulting and outsourcing companies (managed services) from the IT sector
  • Managers and specialists of marketing, sales, strategy and business development
  • Hardware and IT infrastructure manufacturers and distributors looking for partners which can implement solutions for the B2B market
  • Data centre operators and cloud computing providers
  • Potential investors in the Polish IT services market
  • Financial, government and industry organisations promoting the Polish IT sector
  • IT sector analysts, researchers and consultants.


Why to buy the report? 


  • Design development strategy and marketing/sales plans based on verified market data
  • Plan expenses and budgets on the basis of forecasts for IT industry in years 2017-2022
  • Create portfolio of IT products/services with knowledge about market potential and further competition activity
  • Prepare reports for the board and shareholders based on ready-made analyses, expert commentaries and industry indicators
  • Make investment decisions regarding the IT market in Poland, including establishing a new business, entering a new market, conducting merger or acquisition.


The main advantages of our report:

  • Unique, in-depth analysis of the IT services market in Poland.
  • More than 15 years of experience of PMR research team analyzing the IT market in Poland and in the CEE region.
  • The method of market analysis which takes into account both the supply (supplier) and demand (recipient) side of the industry.
  • Periodic PMR survey conducted by PMR among large enterprises (250 and more employees) and SMEs (10-249 employees). Verification of current assumptions, penetration levels and budgets of IT companies in the country.
  • Ability to spot changes in trends by comparing this year's study with the versions from the years 2010-2016.
  • Prognostic models for the years 2017-2022 taking into account the premises of other segments of Polish IT market, as well as the macroeconomic environment, which allows for creation of a coherent picture of the whole industry.


Market commentary by expert

"IT services are definitely a strategic component of the IT market in Poland, while service providers (apart from customers) constitute the most important part of the industry. IT services are crucial for providers because they allow them to generate relatively high margins. These services often influence the profits from large agreements, as products and materials (being typically the greatest part of a contract) more and more often generate margins at a low single-digit level or do not generate any margins at all. Even hardware suppliers started to provide IT services, seeing the opportunities for growth in a more comprehensive customer service.

The public sector remains the most important customer for the largest IT integrators and service providers in Poland. Our conversations with major IT companies prove that the prolonged period after the election, delays of tenders related to IT infrastructure in public administration and waiting for the launch of new EU funds for 2014-2020 limit the business development and are a risk factor that can negatively affect the financial situation of providers (if the situation will continue). This is especially true in the case of big players, as the public sector often accounts for a significant share of their revenues (e.g. one quarter of consolidated sales revenues of Asseco Group, and even two times more for the Polish market). It is worth mentioning that the majority of revenues is generated from the agreements concluded earlier but they are mainly maintenance contracts instead of completely new projects. Besides, most large companies try to diversify a portfolio of products and, seeing the stagnation in the public market, focus more on the corporate segment."

Paweł Olszynka, Kierownik Działu Analiz Rynku ICT, PMR

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