HoReCa market in Poland 2017 Market analysis and development forecasts for 2017-2022

HoReCa market in Poland 2017

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2017-2022

This is the 9th and special edition of our flagship report providing a comprehensive view of the HoReCa market in Poland. Underpinning this year’s study are two surveys - of 1,000 consumers and 600 firms.

The report, in addition to presenting data about market value, key market segments and market shares of leading players, also examines the most important trends in the HoReCa market as a whole and its major segments. The analysis extends from segment-specific tendencies and activities of major players through to the impact of recently enacted and planned legislation (including the Rodzina 500+ programme or restrictions on Sunday trade), and gives pointers as to the likely influence of specific factors over the next five years, not just their current impact. The report  will analyse the market situation in terms of several dozen indicators and will also feature extensive comment and analysis from experts taking a broad view, one that takes into account the situation and trends observed in other HoReCa markets in Europe and beyond.The report includes an Excel file with key underlying data, allowing you to sort and manage the data according to your needs – a useful tool particularly for analysts.The report update is an Excel file containing updated figures plus a ‘Key Conclusions’ sheet with expert commentary about observed changes


What is the content of the report?


  • Market value, with a 5-year forecast developed by PMR econometricians using proven models
  • Market development scenarios until 2022 (with estimated impact of specific factors on projected market value), developed in collaboration with a team of econometricians  
  • Value of the main HoReCa segments, i.e. Ho(tels), Re(staurants) and Ca(tering), as well as sub-segments such as fast food bars, pizzerias, restaurants, cafés and alcohol bars in 2013-2022
  • Relative share of chain restaurants vs. independent restaurants in the Restaurant segment as measured by sales value and number of outlets, with a forecast till 2022
  • Consumer profile and segmentation based on a PMR survey of 1,000 adults carried out at the beginning of 2017
  • Key market trends and their likely future trajectories
  • Expert commentary explaining the data: causes, consequences, other development scenarios for the HoReCa market in Poland
  • Consolidation processes taking place in the Polish HoReCa market
  • Analysis of HoReCa firms’ product assortment and supply sources, broken down into market segments
  • Analysis of the operating costs and food costs of HoReCa firms
  • Ranking list of the largest restaurant chains, catering firms and hotel groups in Poland by revenue and number of outlets
  • Analysis of the macroeconomic situation in Poland, along with predictions for the period 2017-2022 and forecasts of key economic indicators until 2022
  • Market value
  • Sales revenues of HoReCa chains
  • Value of market segments and sub-segments
  • Number of outlets belonging to leading chains
  • Combined market share of the largest players
  • Ho (hotel restaurants), Re (restaurant segment) and Ca (catering) as well as sub-segments such as fast-food bars, pizzerias, restaurants, cafés and alcohol bars 
  • Description of the latest and most important market trends.


Who benefits from the analysis? 


The report is designed for managers and sales, marketing, strategy, and business development professionals of the following types of organisations:


  • Gastronomic chains
  • Franchisors of gastronomic concepts
  • Hotel chains and catering companies
  • Food wholesalers
  • Suppliers of food, services and solutions to the HoReCa sector
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Trade associations
  • Companies planning to enter the Polish HoReCa market
  • Banks and investment funds,
  • Companies contemplating adding HoReCa products to their offer
  • Companies who count HoReCa firms among their customers, e.g. mall operators, marketing services firms
  • Companies interested in the habits of Polish consumers (research firms, consultancies, advertising agencies).
  • Managers of retail chains


Why to buy the report? 


  • Comprehensive picture of the HoReCa market in Poland and all its segments – a resource for assessing market opportunities
  • 5-year development forecasts for the HoReCa market as a whole and its segments, developed by the PMR team using advanced econometric models - a valuable tool for strategy development (short-term strategy, long-term strategy, sales strategy)
  • The report includes an in-depth analysis of market trends with their estimated impact on market value, and examines alternative market development scenarios till 2022
  • Profile of the consumer developed from a survey on a representative sample of 1,000 adults – helps confirm or identify key market trends.
  • Detailed analysis of select product assortment groups
  • Offers a unique perspective on the market as seen from the level of HoReCa companies, with a rare insight into their condition and expenditures
  • Comprehensive analysis of the largest gastronomic chains providing a complete picture of the market and competition
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape and leading players that will be of help in deciding whether to expand into a new segment or how to design the product offer
  • It is already the 9th edition of the PMR report on the HoReCa market
  • The report is based on a consistent PMR methodology allowing for comparability between reports


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  • Methodology
  • Executive summary
  • Macroeconomic sitiuation in Poland
  • The HoReCa market in Poland
    • Market value
    • Overview of the HoReCa market
    • Profile of the consumer
    • Market development forecasts
    • Trends
    • Key indicators affecting the market
    • Segments
    • Leading players
  • Ho – the hotel restaurant market
    • Market size
    • Overview of the hotel restaurant market (hotel base + market characteristics)
    • Profile of the consumer
    • Trends specific to the hotel restaurant market
    • Leading hotel groups
    • Profiles of select hotel groups
  • Re – the restaurant market
  • Market size
    • Overview of the restaurant market
    • Profile of the consumer
    • Segments
    • Leading players
    • Profiles of leading players
  • Restaurant market – analysis of segments
  • Restaurants
    • Segment size
    • Overview of the restaurant segment
    • Profile of the consumer
    • Trends specific to the restaurant segment
    • Sub-segments
    • Leading players
  • Pizzerias
    • Segment size
    • Overview of the pizzeria segment
    • Profile of the consumer
    • Trends specific to the pizzeria segment
    • Sub-segments
    • Leading players
  • Fast-food bars
    • Segment size
    • Overview of the fast-food bar segment
    • Profile of the consumer
    • Trends specific to the fast-food bar segment
    • Sub-segments
    • Leading players
  • Cafés
    • Segment size
    • Overview of the café segment
    • Profile of the consumer
    • Trends specific to the café segment
    • Sub-segments
    • Leading players
  • Alcohol bars
    • Segment size
    • Overview of the alcohol bar segment
    • Profile of the consumer
    • Trends specific to the alcohol bar segment
    • Sub-segments
    • Leading players
  • Ca – catering market
    • Market size
    • Overview of the catering market
    • Profile of the consumer
    • Trends specific to the catering market
    • Leading catering firms
    • Profiles of leading players
  • Analysis of HoReCa supply
    • Supply sources – survey results
    • Profile of the ideal supplier
    • Trends in the supply market
    • Largest suppliers on the market
    • Profiles of leading suppliers and distributors