Generic and innovative drugs market in Poland 2017 Market analysis and development forecasts for 2017-2022

Generic and innovative drugs market in Poland 2017

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2017-2022

The publication describes the current situation in the sector of generic and innovative drugs, binding legal and pricing regulations, changes to the reimbursement lists and their impact on the market of original drugs and their equivalents, as well as bestselling products in the Polish pharmaceutical market in the analysed groups. In addition, the report presents the value of the generic drugs market and the entire pharma market, their growth potential and forecasts for 2017-2022 which take into consideration expected trends and changes to pricing and reimbursement policies. Profiles of the key manufacturers of generic and innovative drugs will be valuable information, in particular when conducting competitive analysis or searching for business partners.


What is the content of PMR’s report on generic and innovative drugs market in Poland?


This comprehensive study includes all relevant topics and statistical data pertaining to the market for generic and innovative drugs in Poland, such as:

  • value of the overall market and each of its key segments
  • forecasts for the development of this market and its segments from 2016 until 2021 
  • share of the Polish pharmaceutical market occupied by the generic and innovative drugs segment 
  • trends and events currently affecting conditions on the Polish market for innovative and generic medicines
  • Rankings of the largest manufacturers of generic and innovative drugs offering products on the Polish market
  • profiles of the largest manufacturers of generic and innovative drugs that feature key characteristics of the company, descriptions of growth strategies, and explanations of current and planned research and development activities
  • national pricing policy with regard to drugs sold in the pharmacy and hospital distribution chains
  • recent and anticipated changes in the reimbursement lists
  • listings of best-selling generic and innovative medications.
  • rules governing the reimbursement of medicines
  • procedure for obtaining the status of a reimbursed drug 
  • national expenditures on reimbursement 
  • changes made to lists of reimbursed drugs
  • expiration of patents
  • periods of data exclusivity
  • changes expected to affect the market in the coming years.


Who benefits from the analysis?


The report is recommended to management staff and specialists responsible for strategy and business development, as well as sales and marketing from the following types of companies:

  • manufacturers and distributors of generic drugs, including pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and hospitals
  • manufacturers and distributors of innovative drugs, including pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and hospitals
  • companies involved in advertising and research for the pharmaceutical industry
  • entities entering or planning to enter the pharmaceutical market in Poland
  • consulting and research companies, government and academic institutions that monitor the segment of innovative and generic drugs.


      Why to buy the report?


Information contained in the report will be crucial when implementing the following projects:


  • estimating the growth potential of the generic and innovative drugs market in Poland with a view to making investment decisions and elaborating development strategies in the Polish market owing to original forecasts prepared by the team of PMR’s market analysts and econometricians
  • defining the portfolio of manufactured innovative and generic drugs, identification of opportunities and threats
  • expanding the product portfolio by drug distributors
  • elaborating the market entry strategy by new market participants or business development strategy by existing market players
  • conducting analysis of companies operating in the pharmaceutical market with a view to monitoring competition or seeking new business partners
  • tracking legislative changes, key events and new trends regarding the Polish generic and innovative drugs market, preparing to a flexible response to them
  • supporting business plans and other activities during presentations for a company management board with reliable data and conclusions
  • useful collection of data and forecasts necessary for important corporate steps, such as performing mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical market in Poland or getting listed on the stock exchange.


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  • Methodology 
  • Executive summary 
  • Overview of the generic and innovative drug market 
    • Key trends and events in the previous years 
    • Expected events and trends 
    • Market value and development forecasts for 2017-2022
    • Innovative drugs
    • Generic drugs
  • Bestselling innovative and generic drugs 
  • Drug reimbursement 
    • Pricing policies
    • VAT rate 
    • Non-reimbursed drugs on the pharmacy market 
    • Reimbursed drugs on the pharmacy market
    • Pricing policies 
    • Patient co-payment 
    • Margins 
    • Drugs on the hospital market 
    • Generic substitution
    • Reimbursement policies
    • Reimbursement system
    • Open (pharmacy) reimbursement 
    • Drug programmes 
    • Chemotherapy 
    • Reimbursement process
    • Reimbursement application 
    • The Economic Committee 
    • AOTM 
    • Risk-sharing tools 
    • Market structure
    • Regular prescriptions and prescriptions for chronic diseases 
    • Gross sales 
    • Spending from the point of view of state and patient 
    • ATC categories 
    • Number of transactions and packages 
    • Voivodships 
    • Reimbursement spending
    • Open reimbursement 
    • Drug programmes 
    • Chemiotherapy 
    • Latest changes to reimbursement lists 
    • Expected changes to drug reimbursement 
  • Largest innovative and generic drug manufacturers
    • Profiles of selected key players
  • Legal environment 
    • Main legal acts and institutions regulating the Polish pharmaceutical market 
    • General requirements: SPC, package, leaflet 
    • Requirements concerning entities trading in pharmaceuticals 
    • Parallel imports 
    • Direct distribution 
    • Advertising 
    • Intellectual property 
    • Planned legal changes