• Date of issue: February 2016
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Distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine 2016

Analysis of distribution channels and growth prospects

This report supplies readers with the latest updates on the market conditions, the new businesses entering the market and the performances of existing leaders. It contains complete coverage of the wholesale, pharmacy, non-pharmacy and online distribution of pharmaceuticals in Ukraine, along with analyses of the impacts of key market trends and industry regulations on market growth. It includes vital sector-focused statistics and prospects for continued development of the market. The publication also offers detailed profiles of leading pharmacy chains and wholesalers. 

What is the content of PMR’s report on pharmaceutical distribution in Ukraine?

  • Trend and events that promise to impact the industry
  • Achievements and plans of leading participants on the Ukrainian market for pharmaceutical distribution
  • Descriptive profiles of the top pharmacy chains currently operating in Ukraine – number of pharmacies, financial data and plans for growth
  • Level of saturation and market shares of main players on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical wholesale market
  • Detailed profiles of leading pharmaceutical wholesalers operating in the country, including logistics structure and financial results
  • Regulatory conditions that apply to online and non-pharmacy sales of pharmaceuticals in Ukraine.

What’s new in edition 2016 of the report? 


Significant changes regarding all key information about Ukraine, including:

  • Market shares of pharmaceutical wholesalers, their financial revenues and logistics coverage (together with changes due to Crimea conflict)
  • Market shares and number of pharmacies belonging to leading pharmacy chains (there are big changes in the rankings due to financial crisis and some scandals)
  • Many new companies’ profiles
  • Legal changes affecting the online and non-pharmacy sales.

New content regarding Ukraine includes:

  • Number of people per pharmacy by region, by pharmacies’ sales revenues, by location and by other criteria. 


Did you know that...?


  • The proportion of pharmacy outlets run by private companies in Ukraine is increasing every year. Interestingly, the larger the city, the more substantial the percentage of public pharmacy outlets, and this is associated with the strong position of the former “Pharmacia” pharmacy chains in such locations.
  • The Ukrainian pharmacy wholesale market is being monopolised by the BaDM pharmaceutical wholesaler.
  • The proportion of pharmacy outlets run by private companies in Ukraine is increasing every year.

Who benefits from the analysis? 

This report is an essential reading for sales, marketing and business development teams from:
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers active in the CIS region 
  • Pharmacy chains active in or interested in entering Ukraine
  • Wholesalers active on the Ukrainian market or willing to enter the market
  • Logistics and transportation services suppliers active in Ukraine
  • Banks, brokers and financial services providers
  • Government agencies and educational institutes, and business consultants, analysts and research specialists interested in pharmaceutical segment in Ukraine.

Why to buy the report? 

PMR clients reach for this document when:
  • Assessing the potential of distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine 
  • Devising a strategy for corporate expansion
  • Analysing the market and its key segments
  • Keeping track of the activity of top competitors
  • Planning the launch of a new enterprise on this market
  • Seeking new business partners or targets for merger or acquisition 
  • Evaluating possible investments on this market.
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  • General overview of the distribution market in Ukraine
  • Wholesale distribution in Ukraine
    • Main trends and events
    • Number of pharmaceutical wholesalers
    • Vertical integration
    • Legal regulations
    • Wholesale margin
    • Largest market players
  • Pharmacy distribution in Ukraine
    • Main trends and events
    • Number of pharmacies
    • Pharmacy chains
    • Number of people per pharmacy  
    • Legal regulations
    • Largest market players
  • Non-pharmacy distribution in Ukraine
    • Legal regulations
  • Online distribution in Ukraine
    • Legal regulations
    • Online pharmacies