Construction chemicals market in Poland 2014

Development forecasts for 2014-2016

This publication examines the construction chemicals market separately and within the context of the larger Polish construction industry and describes it in terms of value, structure and potential for expansion during the period from 2014-2016.


It highlights the top selling products and largest manufacturers of tile adhesives, masonry mortars, thermal insulation systems, thick-coat plasters, and floors creeds.


The report supplies data and analyses that clearly illustrate current market conditions and opportunities, and offers an original economic index and results of a survey of consumer (contractor) preferences for the purchase and use of specific products.

This document investigates key aspects of the construction chemicals industry…


Learn about:

  • Market size in m2, thousands of tons and PLN millions
  • Structure of the construction chemicals market in Poland – segments, sub-segments and key categories of commonly-used products
  • Contractor innovations in product use, usage trends and product prices
  • Standards used by contractors when selecting specific construction chemicals
  • Production and distribution of leading brands of construction chemicals, and key participants in the marketplace
  • Market structure of construction chemicals in terms of project purpose (remodeling or new construction) and location (urban vs. rural)
  • Share of total construction chemicals market in Poland prepared by contractors for on site use.


Exclusive aspects of this exceptional document…


You won’t find another market publication that offers:

  • Results of a survey of 400 respondents from a diverse range of companies and locations across Poland, including tilers, bricklayers, residential and industrial flooring and compound installation specialists, thermal insulation systems experts and those performing traditional types of plastering
  • Clearly defined product categories - tile adhesives, masonry mortars, thermal insulation systems, thick-coat plasters, and floors creeds – with specific data on brand recognition
  • Contractor opinions (400 survey respondents) based on experiences with top brands, such as Atlas, Baumit, Henkel, Sopro, Knauf, Kreisel, Mapei, Saint Gobain, and Selena
  • Separate chapters for each of the key categories of construction chemicals, including applicable survey materials, forecasts and profiles of top manufacturers and distributors
  • Calculated especially for this report: a unique economic index for the Polish construction chemicals industry
  • In-depth analysis of product use in line with key aspects, such as: construction project location, type and purpose of construction project, common purchasing locations, possible innovative uses of each product, level of brand recognition as applied to top products and many more.


Have you ever asked?

  • What is the total value of Poland’s construction chemicals market?
  • Which products are necessary for new construction ventures?
  • Which products can be found mostly at urban construction sites?
  • What are the main types of construction and which categories of products are used at each?
  • What is the structure of the Polish construction chemicals market?
  • Where do most contractors purchase the needed chemicals for their work?
  • Which are the top selling premade solutions?
  • How do contractors decide which products to use and where to purchase them?
  • Which are the best-selling brands of construction chemicals on the Polish market?
  • Which application innovations are most common among Polish contractors?
  • Who determines the specific construction chemical used in a project in this market – the investor or the contractor?


Selected brands analysed in this report...

XellaAlpol, Atlas, Baumit, Bolix, Caparol, Cedat (Cekol), Greinplast, Henkel (Ceresit), Izolbet, Kabe, Kerakoll, Knauf, Kreisel, Mapei, PSB, QuickMix, Saint Gobain (Weber), Selena (Tytan), Solbet, Sopro, Sto, Wienerberger, Xella.


Did you know...

  • In 2013 there were around 72,000 construction companies that used chemical products for construction.
  • Most contractors (69%) provide more than one type of building works using construction chemicals, and one in seven (15%) offers services within all the five analysed categories.
  • Out of the analysed categories of construction works, companies are most likely to provide fixing services for tiles and other types of lining – as many as 78%.
  • The product used most often in tile fixing is adhesive cement, applied on an average of 85% areas of fixed tiles.
  • The most popular material is ceramic tiles (tiles, glazed tiles, terracotta, ceramic mosaic), which account for 84% of the area of fixed tiles.
  • The popularity of styrofoam as an insulation material is growing for the second year in a row (84% of indications, compared to 82% in 2012 and 79% in 2011).
  • The most commonly used type of plaster is still the most universal cement-lime plaster (49% of the area).


Industry operatives that will benefit most from this report include…

  • Manufacturers and distributors of construction chemicals - tile adhesives, masonry mortars, thermal insulation systems, thick-coat plasters, floors creeds – as well as ancillary products such as flooring, insulation, wall building materials and tile
  • Construction chemicals producers evaluating the Polish market for possible investment
  • Researchers, consultants and analysts operating in this sector
  • Banks, brokerage firms and investors with interests in this market
  • Academic institutions and government entities
  • Trade and commerce, PR and trade information organisations.


Make informed decisions when performing these common business tasks…

  • Production and sales strategy development; demand assessment
  • Evaluation of possible investments in this market
  • Competitive analysis of leading firms
  • Determining market share of a specific company
  • Compiling shareholder and/or executive analysis.


Extract from this report

  • Residential buildings have the undisputedly highest share in the area of fixed tiles, with as much as 88% of the total area of fixed tiles (single family houses – 59%, buildings with two and more flats – 29%).
  • Since last year the use of masonry mortars for thin joints increased (by 20 p.p.) at the cost of traditional masonry mortars for thick joints (a drop of 18 p.p.), which as a result fell to the second place in the ranking.


Market commentary by expert


We have carried out our market survey for the third time, covering several hundred small and medium contractors from the sector of construction chemicals. We have divided them according to five construction work categories they specialise in: tile adhesives, masonry mortars, thermal insulation systems, floor creeds and thick-coat plasters. In each of the groups we have conducted over a hundred interviews, which revealed clear trends. The market of construction chemicals is influenced primarily by the condition of the housing sector, which in turn depends heavily on legal changes. In recent years governmental plans related to housing have been changing rather frequently, which has and indirect impact on our forecasts for construction chemicals.


Bartłomiej Sosna, Head construction market analyst


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