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Healthcare: Pharmaceutical market in Romania: number of pharmacies in Bucharest and the country and heir business value

February 2015

Pharmaceutical retail in Romania, represented by over 8,200 drug stores grew last year by 1.7% compared to 2013, to 10.5 billion lei (2.4 billion euros) according to estimates made by market research company PMR, which foresees an increase of 4.3% this year.


According to PMR, the value of pharmaceutical retail is estimated to grow by 4.3% this year, 7.5% in 2016, 7.2% in 2017, 7.3% in 2018 and 2019. The research company mentions that the updating of the list of compensated medicines will lead to the increase of the innovating medicines in the next years. However many products are not available for Romanian patients, while they are found in EU, PMR shows.


Source: http://actmedia.eu/economic/healthcare-pharmaceutical-market-in-romania-number-of-pharmacies-in-bucharest-and-the-country-and-heir-business-value/56528

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