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Market reports

Our think tank produces business reports, forecasts and market data that assist industry professionals in their daily strategic and operational activities. Our expertise covers market sectors including retail, FMCG, construction, pharmaceutical, healthcare, IT and telecommunications. PMR specialises in conducting extensive research on countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and the CIS region.

The business studies PMR produces include market reports and market data that allow for the tracking of essential market events, trends and forecasts. We constantly develop innovative business approaches that facilitate the problem-solving and decision-making processes used by entrepreneurs every day. We aim to help pave our client’s path to success. Our data solutions, among others the Data Analyser tool and our market forecasting tool, have effectively contributed to numerous business development projects. PMR professionals consistently deliver thorough, effective data interpretation on complex issues affecting every sector such as regulatory and legal changes, pricing policies, mergers and acquisitions, industry innovations, planned investments and development forecasts.

PMR Market Insight methodology provides businesses with reliable and dependable data that can be used to evaluate the competitive environment, survey trends in the search for new business and locating potential obstacles on the market, engage in decision-making regarding market entry or expansion, estimate company market share, and evaluate a company’s performance against its competition.