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PMR Online is a market intelligence service that keeps you constantly up-to-date with the changing business environment and competition. It is a handy source of fresh market data and news, regular analyses and forecasts, competition monitoring and expert industry views, enhanced with a number of useful online tools. Each of the online services may be enriched with specific PMR market reports available here. It is offered in following industry branches: construction, pharmaceutical & healthcare, retail & FMCG, IT & telecoms.

24/7 access allows a quick update on market changes, which is easier than ever thanks to the personalised e-mail notification about new content, easy search and filter tool, archive access and report builder tool. All texts are available to print or export, to be used for your own purposes.
The online market intelligence service is recommended for all business professionals who require constant access to current and archived market information and statistics, and need to perform their own analyses or comparisons based on verified market data.