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  • INFOGRAFIKA: Handel detaliczny artykułami DIY w Polsce 2018May 2018

    Rynek artykułów DIY w ostatnich dwóch latach odnotowywał bardzo wysokie dynamiki wzrostu. Oprócz tego na rynku tym widać kolejny etap konsolidacji. Upadłość Praktikera pokazuje, że duże miasta są zawładnięte przez największe sieci z artykułami DIY jak Castorama, Leroy Merlin czy OBI, które w sumie odpowiadają…
  • Kolejny dobry rok dla artykułów DIY w Polsce – wzrost rynku o ponad 5% w 2017 r.May 2018

    Rekordy na rynku budownictwa mieszkalnego, a także remonty pozytywnie wpłynęły na całkowity rynek artykułów DIY w Polsce, który wzrósł o 5,2% do 54,6 mld zł, jak wynika z danych pochodzących z ostatniego raportu PMR Rynek artykułów DIY w Polsce 2018. Analiza rynku i prognozy rozwoju na lata 2018-2023.
  • INFOGRAFIKA: Rynek artykułów kosmetycznych w Polsce. Podsumowanie 2017 rokuApril 2018

    Infografika prezentuje polski rynek handlu detalicznego artykułami kosmetycznymi w 2017.
  • INFOGRAPHICS: Cosmetics retail market in Poland. Summary of 2017April 2018

    The infographic presents the Polish market of cosmetics retail in 2017.
  • Cosmetics retail market in Poland grew by 6.2% in 2017April 2018

    Cosmetics retail in Poland is a mature market, with numerous foreign and domestic players trading through a variety of formats. Cosmetics retail in Poland has changed significantly over the years, not only in terms of market structure or competitive landscape, but also in terms of consumer attitudes.
  • Rynek gastronomiczny w punktach niegastronomicznych w Polsce 2018January 2018

    Infografika prezentuje dane i statystyki o rynku gastronomicznym w punktach niegastronomicznych w Polsce.
  • Russian C&F market shrank for second year in a row in 2016December 2017

    The situation should improve in 2017 as consumers are gradually resuming their spending, having cut down on C&F purchases in the previous two years. Some growth in consumer confidence is also observed in Russia. However, a return to high growth rates, observed before 2014, should not be expected as consumers will rationalise…
  • Russian cosmetics retail market grew by more than 7% in 2016December 2017

    A big part of the cosmetics segment are essential goods, which explains why cosmetics retail has been much more resistant to economic difficulties than most other retail segments. However, the fact that Russian consumers do not forego cosmetics purchases even under considerable financial strain was not the only reason…
  • Russian DIY market will recover at moderate pace in coming yearsDecember 2017

    It is worth noting, that the DIY retail market, which refers to the value of products allowing independent home improvements, renovations, gardening, or home decorations sold on this market, purchased by individual clients only, accounted for 44% of the total DIY market value. This share is forecasted to grow in the coming…
  • Lower inflation contributed to slowdown in Russian grocery market growthDecember 2017

    However, despite X5’s leadership in terms of sales, Magnit remained the largest grocery company in terms of store count with close to 11,000 stores in 2016. And it will maintain this position also in 2017, even despite the very rapid expansion of X5, whose brands are expected to grow their estates the most this year. In late…

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