Free analysis: Retail & FMCG

  • Infografika: Rynek kosmetyków w Polsce zdominowany przez zagraniczne sieci drogeriiMarch 2017

    Infografika prezentuje dane i statystyki o rynku kosmetycznym w Polsce.
  • Infografika: Rynek DIY w Polsce March 2017

    Infografika przedstawia dane o rynku DIY w Polsce na lata 2017-2022.
  • DIY market in Poland grew by over 5% in 2016 March 2017

    There are certain threats on the horizon, though, and the biggest of those is the prospect of a ban on Sunday trading. If enacted, such a ban would create a major inconvenience for the many consumers who work during the week and only have time for a longer shopping trip on the weekends - they would be left with just one day to do so…
  • Cosmetics market in Poland grew by 5.7% in 2016 March 2017

    It is not just the market that has changed over the years (in terms of structure, competitive landscape, etc.) – consumer attitudes towards cosmetics have evolved too. Poles have become much more conscious consumers, more aware of their needs and knowledgeable about products. They see cosmetics are one of life’s little…
  • Central European grocery market to register steady growth till 2021January 2017

    Bulgaria and Romania are significantly below the regional average in terms of per capita market value. The Bulgarian market’s per capita value was 67% of the CE average as of 2015, and the Romanian market’s - 59%. More importantly, Bulgaria is expected to converge to the regional average in terms of per capita market size…
  • One in five Poles plans to buy furniture in the nearest futureJanuary 2017

    Like in the previous edition of the PMR survey, IKEA outlets are considered most often as the place to go when buying furniture (35%, or 11 p.p. up compared to the survey from 2015). One in four respondents contemplates a purchase at an Agata Meble (28%) or BRW (26%) store. A fifth of those reporting that they will buy furniture…
  • Infografika: Rynek wyposażenia wnętrz w PolsceDecember 2016

    Infografika zawiera fakty i dane o rynku wyposażenia wnętrz w Polsce.
  • Magnit is the largest retailer on the Russian retail marketNovember 2016

    Magnit is the owner of the largest number of stores, as it operates over 12,000 grocery and cosmetics stores.
  • The increasing popularity of e-shopping plays a major roleOctober 2016

    The main reasons for the decline were consumers cutting expenses on non-essential goods as well as abnormal consumer demand in Q4 2014, when consumers bought higher quantities because of inflation (more purchases were made before the anticipated price hikes). As a result, at the beginnings of 2015, demand fell to very low…
  • Infographics: Online retail market in Poland 2016October 2016

    Material includes the most important facts and figures about online retail market in Poland. It covers market trends and important indicators.

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