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  • Increase in allergies to boost the dermocosmetics market growth in PolandFebruary 2017

    Over recent years the body care dermocosmetics segment has been showing a constant and rather intensive increase in the category of atopic skin products (excluding emollients), products for abrasions, chafing, ulcers, bedsores prevention and treatment, as well as skin wounds treatment – this results from epidemiological…
  • Higher patients’ awareness to drive the market developmentFebruary 2017

    As far as the telemedicine market growth factors are concerned, the highest number of establishments (no longer operating on the market) relies on increased public awareness – maturing and ageing of the generation that is perfectly familiar with technological developments and mobile applications.
  • Poland to drive OTC Central European market growth in 2016December 2016

    According to our forecasts, the most attractive market in the next three years in the region, among the countries analysed, taking forecast market growth into account, will be again Bulgaria and Romania. There are several reasons for the fact that growth is faster than that of other countries. These include improvement…
  • Infographics: Imaging diagnostics and radiotherapy market in Poland December 2016

    Material includes data and statistics for radiotherapy and diagnostics market in Poland.
  • OTC in Central Europe - Infographics December 2016

    Material includes the most important data and facts about European OTC market.
  • Imaging diagnostics market: a stable growth (5-6% y-o-y) in 2016-2021January 2017

    However, it should be noted that awareness of significance of such solutions to the growth of the imaging diagnostics market is now surprisingly low, not only among patients, but also at imaging diagnostics centres. Merely one in 10 companies providing imaging diagnostic services in Poland, surveyed by PMR in autumn 2016,…
  • Infographics - In vitro diagnostics market in Poland 2016October 2016

    Material includes the most important facts and figures from Polish in vitro diagnostics market.
  • Molecular diagnostics in Poland a 26% growth y-o-y in 2016-2021November 2016

    Scientific progress in the field of genetics and current small value of the segment translate into the highest foreseen growth rates for 2016-2021 out of all the categories of laboratory diagnostics covered by our analysis, with CAGR of 26%. Introduction of legal changes regarding genetic tests may lead to elimination…
  • OTC drug sector to come to rescue of CIS medicine buyersSeptember 2016

    Many residents of the CIS countries ignore doctors’ prescriptions if they find Rx drug prices too high and buy OTC drugs more often. They usually ask for cheaper analogues at pharmacies, and this is one of the growth factors in these countries. One of the reasons is the lack of comprehensive reimbursement systems in the countries…
  • Infographics: OTC market in CIS countriesSeptember 2016

    This report contains data, prognosis, statistics it will be helpful for market players from this region.

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