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  • Construction sector in Kazakhstan has grown by 4.6% in 2014 September 2015

    According to PMR, in recent years the most dynamic construction activity has been observed in the residential sector. The total floor area of residential properties activated in Kazakhstan in 2014 came to 7.5 million m², which is 9.8% more than that of 2013, standing for the record annual housing completion result recorded…
  • The lowest level of overdue payments on mortgage loans in Kazakhstan since late 2009 August 2015

    Last year, Kazakh private companies accounted for 84.4% of all construction output in the country, and were followed by foreign entities, which accounted for 14.9%. State-owned enterprises accounted for an insignificant 0.7% of total output. During the first half of 2015, the breakdown changed notably. Private Kazakh…
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Retail & FMCG

  • Polish parents buy kids clothing in chain storesAugust 2015

    Concurrently, almost one-third (30%) of respondents buying kids clothing mentioned names of stores which could not be classified under any of the popular brands ranked in the survey. This clearly shows that the children’s clothing market is highly fragmented. Product quality is the key factor taken into consideration…
  • In 2014 value of the kids products market in Poland reached PLN 9bn August 2015

    Online retail gains greater importance, reporting growth of up to 20%. In 2014, online distribution was the fastest-growing distribution channel for children’s products. Our projections indicate that online stores will continue this trend and they are expected to steadily grow their market share while boosting the…
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Pharma & healthcare

  • Private healthcare market growth in Central Europe in years 2015-2020August 2015

    The growth driver for the private healthcare market in Central Europe is poor healthcare infrastructure. Hospitals in the Central European region continued to lack efficiency, grappling with overcapacity, a lack of funding and poor managerial expertise. In Hungary, public resentment towards private initiatives in hospitals…
  • OTC market in Poland will return to the growth path in 2015 August 2015

    According to the data for the first five months of 2015, the market sales growth rate is accelerating, thus PMR estimations for the entire market assume the growth rate of around 6.5%. Placing new products on the market will have a positive impact on the market change (though this is not a decisive impact). A price increase factor…
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IT & telecoms

  • PMR's business climate index in the IT sector in Poland is growingAugust 2015

    Based on survey answers to questions concerning the situation in the IT sector in Poland and the financial standing of the respondent's own company, PMR experts calculated the business climate index in the IT sector in Poland. This tool reflects all the changes that have occurred in the IT sector over the last 12 months. At…
  • IT in Russia - sector analysisJuly 2015

    Russian IT companies PMR canvassed mentioned that in 2013 they needed to adapt their strategies to slow growth or stagnation which they expect in 2014-2015. There was also a common consensus that the recovery of IT market growth in the country may happen under the condition of overall economic restructuring, creation of…
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