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  • W Polsce powstanie blisko 600 tys. m² nowoczesnej powierzchni handlowej w 2015 r.November 2015

    Jak wynika z analizy bazy PMR Inwestycje, do pracowni architektonicznych, które zaprojektowały największą liczbę budynków handlowych będących obecnie w budowie lub w przygotowaniu w Polsce, należą Bose International, MWM Architekci, Sud Architekt oraz APA Wojciechowski. Pod względem liczby realizowanych obecnie kontraktów na generalne wykonawstwo projektów…
  • Road construction, power construction and railway - the most popular segments in PolandOctober 2015

    Two-fifths of respondents (41%) claim that the new EU financial framework will help construction companies recover (up by 6 percentage points relative to the August 2014 survey). However, two-thirds (35%) of companies do not expect that EU spending will have a major bearing on the condition of construction companies (down…
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Retail & FMCG

  • In 2015 Polish home furnishings market will accelerate and steadily consolidate November 2015

    One-third of adult Poles (33%) indicate that they purchased a home furnishing item this or last year. Therefore, we observed a drop of 9 percentage points in the number of respondents indicating purchases of at least one item of this kind. Respondents with the highest income decided to buy home furnishing items more frequently:…
  • Consumers in Poland will replace old furniture with new pieces more often in 2015 November 2015

    The outlook for the current year is highly favourable. In addition to the positive factors evidenced last year, there was also a recovery in the market of cash loans. Moreover, such factors as growing buyer awareness and the drive to improve living conditions also should be mentioned in this regard. The outlook for the coming…
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Pharma & healthcare

  • Growth barriers to public hospitals in PolandNovember 2015

    Around a third of respondents of the research study on public hospitals in Poland mention lack of possibility to provide services on a commercial basis as an obstacle. Public hospitals were supposed to get such an opportunity under amendment to the Law on Healthcare Activities as early as in 2014, but this has not happened.…
  • Public hospitals in Poland - number of hospitals, NFZ contracts and transformations of hospitalsNovember 2015

    The total value of contracts for inpatient treatment in public hospitals in Poland in 2015 amounted to almost PLN 25bn (to compare, it was PLN 24.7bn in 2014). The highest-value contracts were concluded by facilities in Mazowieckie (PLN 4.1bn) and Slaskie (PLN 2.8bn), while the value of contract per 1 facility was the highest…
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IT & telecoms

  • Mobile operators' performance exerts a decisive influence on the telecoms market in PolandNovember 2015

    Mobile operators' continued key significance for the entire telecommunications market does not stem only from the intensified usage of mobile telephony services in Poland but also from their consistent expansion beyond the area of those services. In practice the operators' actual revenue generated solely by mobile…
  • Development of the telecom networks in RussiaOctober 2015

    In the next several years, Russian leading telecommunications operators in general plan to keep their annual CAPEX on the level of 20% of their sales revenue and to decrease this indicator to 14-15% in 2017. However investment policy of the specific operators will be different.
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