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  • Renewables in Russia will cover less than 3% of power generation April 2016

    After 2008, the rate of growth of electricity consumption in Russia has levelled out. This principally reflected slowing industrial production in Russia and extensive energy-efficiency initiatives. In 2014, consumption increased only by 0.3%, mainly because of the weak performance of industrial production, which expanded year…
  • INFOGRAPHICS: Construction sector in Russia H1 2016April 2016

    Infographic presents the Russian construction market value and forecast till 2021. It is a very good source of information for market players, producers and investors operating in or entering the Russian market.
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Retail & FMCG

  • INFOGRAFIKA: Rynek HoReCa w PolsceApril 2016

    Materiał stanowi ważne i potrzebne źródło wiedzy nt. rynku gastronomicznego w Polsce. Infografika ukazuje wartość rynku i prognozy jego rozwoju do 2021 r.
  • 500+ scheme to have positive impact on the Polish HoReCa marketApril 2016

    The good forecasts are also based on the growing numbers of consumers who want to dine out frequently. In this respect, local trends are the same in Poland as in Western European countries. The HoReCa market is expected to grow in the near future, with the growth rate reaching the highest levels within the next three years. In…
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