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Retail & FMCG

  • Central European grocery market to register steady growth till 2021January 2017

    Bulgaria and Romania are significantly below the regional average in terms of per capita market value. The Bulgarian market’s per capita value was 67% of the CE average as of 2015, and the Romanian market’s - 59%. More importantly, Bulgaria is expected to converge to the regional average in terms of per capita market size…
  • One in five Poles plans to buy furniture in the nearest futureJanuary 2017

    Like in the previous edition of the PMR survey, IKEA outlets are considered most often as the place to go when buying furniture (35%, or 11 p.p. up compared to the survey from 2015). One in four respondents contemplates a purchase at an Agata Meble (28%) or BRW (26%) store. A fifth of those reporting that they will buy furniture…
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Pharma & healthcare

  • Higher patients’ awareness to drive the market developmentFebruary 2017

    As far as the telemedicine market growth factors are concerned, the highest number of establishments (no longer operating on the market) relies on increased public awareness – maturing and ageing of the generation that is perfectly familiar with technological developments and mobile applications.
  • Poland to drive OTC Central European market growth in 2016December 2016

    According to our forecasts, the most attractive market in the next three years in the region, among the countries analysed, taking forecast market growth into account, will be again Bulgaria and Romania. There are several reasons for the fact that growth is faster than that of other countries. These include improvement…
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IT & telecoms

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