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Retail & FMCG

  • Supermarkety i sklepy małego formatu przyczynią się do wzrostu rynku marek własnych w Polsce October 2015

    Zwłaszcza supermarkety coraz mocniej stawiają na markę własną. Sieci, które znacznie zwiększyły ten asortyment w ciągu ostatniego roku/dwóch lat to Stokrotka, Polomarket, Piotr i Paweł czy Alma. Również sklepy małego formatu (obecnie trzeci największy kanał dystrybucji marek własnych) to segment, w którym dokonuje się…
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Grocery retail in PolandSeptember 2015

    Review the latest infographic prepared by PMR experts to find out many interesting information regarding the grocery retail in Poland, its value, market leaders, distribution channels and opinions of consumers. …
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Pharma & healthcare

  • The highest growth rate of OTC market in Central Europe are expected in Romania and BulgariaSeptember 2015

    The article presents the OTC market in Bulgaria and Romania, in comparison to other Central European countries: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. In Bulgaria, the OTC market growth rate was higher than in the previous year, driven by non-drugs, and dietary supplements in particular; the growth rate for…
  • Value and change of the OTC products market in the CIS regionSeptember 2015

    The OTC product market in the CIS region declined by around 10% in 2014. The key reason was the difficult political and economic situation and the depreciation of local currencies (in local currency, all of the markets grew significantly, but mainly because of the very high inflation figure). The steepest reduction in market…
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IT & telecoms

  • Growth of the cloud services market in Poland September 2015

    PMR's research indicates that the number of clients using cloud computing / cloud services in the B2B segment in Poland has been on the rise, in the sectors of both SMEs and large enterprises. The vendors' marketing and educational efforts have been increasingly translating into concrete business decisions which, consequently,…
  • PMR's business climate index in the IT sector in Poland is growingAugust 2015

    Based on survey answers to questions concerning the situation in the IT sector in Poland and the financial standing of the respondent's own company, PMR experts calculated the business climate index in the IT sector in Poland. This tool reflects all the changes that have occurred in the IT sector over the last 12 months. At…
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