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  • Construction market in Germany in 2016November 2016

    Renewable energy accounts for more than 52% of Germany's net installed capacity.
  • PMR Forum: construction industry still buoyantNovember 2016

    The main problems currently faced by the construction industry, pointed out by contractors during the panel discussion, include in particular lower a number of tenders for large-scale infrastructural projects and fewer projects carried out by the local self-governments. To adjust to the difficult market conditions,…
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Retail & FMCG

  • The increasing popularity of e-shopping plays a major roleOctober 2016

    The main reasons for the decline were consumers cutting expenses on non-essential goods as well as abnormal consumer demand in Q4 2014, when consumers bought higher quantities because of inflation (more purchases were made before the anticipated price hikes). As a result, at the beginnings of 2015, demand fell to very low…
  • Infographics: Online retail market in Poland 2016October 2016

    Material includes the most important facts and figures about online retail market in Poland. It covers market trends and important indicators.
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Pharma & healthcare

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IT & telecoms

  • Concerns about the security of personal data when using IoT devicesNovember 2016

    For Poles usefulness and convenience are the key reasons to buy smart devices (44%). That aspect should be specifically underlined in marketing messages targeted at potential IoT users. On the other hand, most respondents have concerns about the security of their data when using IoT devices (63%). Security problems were…
  • IT market in Poland 2016September 2016

    Material includes the most important facts about Polish IT sector. It covers: hardware, software and IT services.
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