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  • Polish construction chemicals market expected to grow 6% February 2016

    The outlook for residential construction is very positive on the back of high sales of new flats built by developers in 2015 (up by over one-quarter) and a recovery among individual investors (6% growth in housing starts and a 15% surge in building permits). After the market reached 14 million m² in 2015, we expect the annual…
  • W 2016 r. rynek budownictwa użyteczności publicznej w Polsce może wzrosnąćJanuary 2016

    W budżecie unijnym 2014-2020 zdecydowanie mniej środków przeznaczonych zostanie na dalszą rozbudowę infrastruktury akademickiej. Zdecydowanie większy nacisk położony zostanie na efektywne wykorzystanie powstałej wcześniej infrastruktury naukowej. Celem nowej perspektywy unijnej w obszarze nauki jest wytworzenie sieci silnych powiązań pomiędzy centrami akademickimi, jednostkami badawczymi, dużymi…
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Retail & FMCG

  • Polish market of sporting goods and clothing steadily growsJanuary 2016

    Although the apparel segment is the largest in the market in terms of value, the sports footwear segment reports the fastest growth. However, the value of retail sales of sports equipment and accessories stagnated in recent periods. Therefore, the segment’s share in the whole market is expected to drop in the coming years.…
  • In 2015 Romanian grocery market is predicted to grow by over 6% December 2015

    Romanian market entered the period of consolidation, and the number of top players is expected to decrease by the end of the decade. The largest M&A transaction carried out on the Romanian grocery market in the last few years was acquisition of 20 Real stores by Auchan, worth over quarter billion euros. However, it definitely…
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Pharma & healthcare

  • Legal changes on the pharmaceutical wholesalers market in 2015December 2015

    Owing to decreasing margins in the wholesale pharmaceuticals market in Poland, top players decide to diversify their activities and invest also in other segments of the pharmaceutical and healthcare market in a broad sense. In 2015, such a model was adopted e.g. by Neuca which entered primarily the segment of outpatient…
  • Growth of the dietary supplements market in Central Europe in years 2015-2020December 2015

    One of the main reasons for the reduction in the growth rate of dietary supplement market in Central Europe was a deterioration in the economic situation which will lead to a fall in the purchasing power of the population. Another reason was the growing competition caused by cheaper products, including private label items,…
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IT & telecoms

  • Mobile operators' performance exerts a decisive influence on the telecoms market in PolandNovember 2015

    Mobile operators' continued key significance for the entire telecommunications market does not stem only from the intensified usage of mobile telephony services in Poland but also from their consistent expansion beyond the area of those services. In practice the operators' actual revenue generated solely by mobile…
  • Development of the telecom networks in RussiaOctober 2015

    In the next several years, Russian leading telecommunications operators in general plan to keep their annual CAPEX on the level of 20% of their sales revenue and to decrease this indicator to 14-15% in 2017. However investment policy of the specific operators will be different.
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