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  • Substantial increase of retail and service buildings projected in Q1 2015July 2015

    Modern retail space, which already amounts to around 10 million m², represents a vast majority of the floor area of buildings for which building permits were issued. Some 500,000 m² of modern retail was added annually in the last several years. However, the recent growth has been less impressive, partly due to the completion…
  • Production of construction machinery in Russia close to crack July 2015

    Until 2012, when Russia joined the WTO, an insignificant amount of support from the government for domestic production of construction machinery had been provided, almost exclusively in the form of increases in import duty rates. Eventually, those rate increases had generated a limited effect on imports of such machines.…
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Retail & FMCG

  • In 2015 Russian C&F retail market’s value to fall down by 8% July 2015

    However, the situation has deteriorated in 2015. There are several reasons behind this. First of all, after an increase in traffic and sales, observed at the end of 2014, Russian consumers have limited their spending on C&F. Secondly, fashion items are among the top goods that Russians are choosing to save money on. Furthermore,…
  • Product quality and price are the most important factors in selecting a grocery storeJuly 2015

    Another change in consumer habits, or rather a return to former habits, is the decision to give up shopping at a single store only. Polish consumers are better educated and look for offers best suited to their needs. This is one of the reasons why the price is often not the number one priority. PMR’s survey conducted for the…
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Pharma & healthcare

  • The value of the private healthcare market in Central Europe will reach almost €30bn in 2020July 2015

    Poland and Hungary account for the most substantial proportions of private healthcare market in Central Europe because of the relative affluence of society, the large populations, and the relatively efficient reforms (Poland), along with the substantial amount spent on drugs (Hungary). Between 2014 and 2020, Slovakia…
  • Rozwój kategorii OTC na rynku aptecznym w PolsceJuly 2015

    Jednym z trendów notowanych na rynku aptecznym w zakresie sprzedaży produktów OTC jest rozwój konceptu apteki-drogerii. Coraz więcej graczy na rynku testuje koncept apteki-drogerii lub paraapteki − placówek oferujących przede wszystkim leki OTC, suplementy diety i kosmetyki oraz nieposiadające w ofercie leków na receptę. Nie…
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IT & telecoms

  • Wzrost koniunktury w polskiej branży ITJuly 2015

    Pogłębiając temat praktyk korupcyjnych, mających miejsce w sektorze publicznym, przedstawicieli badanych firm zapytaliśmy o potencjalne zmiany w ustawie o zamówieniach publicznych, których wprowadzenie mogłoby zminimalizować nielegalne działania tego typu. Ponad jedna trzecia respondentów (36%) opowiedziała się za tym, aby w procedurze przetargowej większą wagę przywiązywano…
  • IT in Russia - sector analysisJuly 2015

    Russian IT companies PMR canvassed mentioned that in 2013 they needed to adapt their strategies to slow growth or stagnation which they expect in 2014-2015. There was also a common consensus that the recovery of IT market growth in the country may happen under the condition of overall economic restructuring, creation of…
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