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  • Infographics - Construction sector in Russia H2September 2016

    Material includes data, indicators and statystics from Russian construction sector. It covers growth forecast, top market players, prognosis in this country.
  • Sharp decline in the Russian mortgage marketSeptember 2016

    The sharp decline in the mortgage market in 2015 was caused mostly by the 4% contraction in the real disposable income of the population, and the shortage of long-term resources in the banking industry
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Retail & FMCG

  • Consumer confidence in private labels is growingSeptember 2016

    More and more people recognise and buy private labels products, believing that their quality does not differ markedly from brand names, shows a consumer survey carried out in July 2016 on a representative sample of 602 adult Poles for the purposes of the report “Private label retail market in Poland 2016. Market analysis…
  • INFOGRAPHICS: Grocery retail in RussiaSeptember 2016

    Material includes the most important facts and figures about Russian grocery retail. It covers market trends and important indicators.
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Pharma & healthcare

  • OTC drug sector to come to rescue of CIS medicine buyersSeptember 2016

    Many residents of the CIS countries ignore doctors’ prescriptions if they find Rx drug prices too high and buy OTC drugs more often. They usually ask for cheaper analogues at pharmacies, and this is one of the growth factors in these countries. One of the reasons is the lack of comprehensive reimbursement systems in the countries…
  • Infographics: OTC market in CIS countriesSeptember 2016

    This report contains data, prognosis, statistics it will be helpful for market players from this region.
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IT & telecoms

  • IT market in Poland 2016September 2016

    Material includes the most important facts about Polish IT sector. It covers: hardware, software and IT services.
  • Prognosis for the Polish IT market: PLN 34bn and continued growth in 2016September 2016

    Compared to last year our forecasts did not change principally, although we do take into account the new budget perspective and the continued solid macroeconomic foundations of the Polish economy which makes it possible to revise the forecasts up in the medium and long term. We assume that until 2020 the growth rate of the…
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