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  • Flats and roads drive the construction market in GermanyJuly 2016

    Germans, who for the past several dozen years willingly lived in rental flats and put their savings into bank accounts, have been observed to change their habits recently – in view of exceptionally low interest rates on deposits and mortgage loans, as they tend to invest in real estate. Last year, the value of new mortgage…
  • Cement consumption in Belarus will drop over 11% in 2016July 2016

    Foreseeing increasing demand for cement, Belarus launched a large investment programme to modernise and expand its cement production capacity. Since 2008, over $1.3bn has been invested in the modernisation and expansion of the country’s cement industry. Currently there are three cement producers in Belarus: Krasnoselskstroymaterialy…
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  • Polish OTC market: Stable market growth in 2016-2021July 2016

    In 2015, the category of cold and flu products reported higher growth rate than the one seen for the entire market of OTC drugs and dietary supplements (among the top five categories, only vitamins and minerals grew faster). The increase was favoured by record incidence of flu – 3.8 million (in comparison with 3.1-3.2 million…
  • INFOGRAFIKA: Rynek produktów OTC w PolsceJuly 2016

    Materiał stanowi źródło wiedzy o produktach typu OTC w Polsce. Infografika stanowi pomoc dla firm zainteresowanych tym rynkiem oraz już obecnych graczy rynkowych.
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