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  • W 2016 r. nastąpił spadek wartości całkowitych przychodów hurtowych operatorów mobilnych.March 2017

    Zgodnie z szacunkami PMR, ubiegłoroczna wartość rynku usług operatorskich oraz biznesowych w Polsce wyniosła 15,5 mld zł. Oznacza to wynik o 6% niższy w porównaniu z rokiem 2015, kiedy rynek znalazł się pod wpływem trendów stabilizacyjnych. Na wspomnianą erozję rynku przełożyły się zarówno niższe skumulowane…
  • Infografika: Rynek telekomunikacyjny w PolsceDecember 2016

    Materiał zawiera dane i fakty o rynku telekomunikacyjnym w Polsce.
  • Infografika: Internet rzeczy w PolsceDecember 2016

    Materiał zawiera dane o rynku internetu rzeczy w Polsce.
  • Concerns about the security of personal data when using IoT devicesNovember 2016

    For Poles usefulness and convenience are the key reasons to buy smart devices (44%). That aspect should be specifically underlined in marketing messages targeted at potential IoT users. On the other hand, most respondents have concerns about the security of their data when using IoT devices (63%). Security problems were…
  • IT market in Poland 2016September 2016

    Material includes the most important facts about Polish IT sector. It covers: hardware, software and IT services.
  • Prognosis for the Polish IT market: PLN 34bn and continued growth in 2016September 2016

    Compared to last year our forecasts did not change principally, although we do take into account the new budget perspective and the continued solid macroeconomic foundations of the Polish economy which makes it possible to revise the forecasts up in the medium and long term. We assume that until 2020 the growth rate of the…
  • INFOGRAPHICS: IT market in RussiaJuly 2016

    Material will be an excellent source of information about Russia IT market.
  • IT market in Russia – forecasts for 2016-2017July 2016

    Stagnation in 2013 and further market decline in 2014 and 2015 became challenging for IT companies in Russia which accustomed to quick market growth. The managers mentioned that they need to adapt their strategies to handle new challenges including restructuring of the demand, growing competition, pressure on prices,…
  • INFOGRAPHICS: Cloud computing market in PolandAugust 2016

    Material includes the most important facts about cloud computing market in Poland.
  • In 2016 Polish cloud computing market in Poland will grow by over 30%August 2016

    Our last year's forecasts concerning cloud computing services in Poland proved accurate. The market has been developing very rapidly, especially against the background of the entire ICT sector in the country. Nevertheless, the incomparably smaller scale of this process should be borne in mind. The share of the cloud in…

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