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Custom newsletter

If none of our wide range of PMR newsletters or online services fully satisfies your information needs we are happy to prepare a product designed to fulfil your particular requirements.

With a "Custom Newsletter" subscription you will:
  • be able to make the right decisions based on all required up-to-date information
  • be better informed than your competitors
  • save time by finding everything you need in one package
  • receive only the information you want, as often as you wish.
What would be the source of information?

Once we know the client's information needs we can prepare a list of publications, paper and online formats published by the media, statistical departments, government institutions and associations. All the selected sources are searched regularly in order to collect all essential information. PMR experts analyse avilable data and prepare required estimates, analysis and forecasts.

What would guarantee the quality?

PMR has specialised in the provision of market information since 1995. We publish a wide range of monthly, biweekly and weekly newsletters. Among those who trust us are the largest multinationals in the world - click here to see our clients.
Take a look at one of comments made about our newsletters:

"I have the feeling that reviewing your Briefing is definitely worth the time. I know what is going on in Poland in just 5 minutes!"
President, TBD S.A.

To request a proposal of PMR Custom Newsletter, please contact us.
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