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PMR is a trusted provider of custom business consulting, B2B and B2C research, and market data solutions. Since 1995, we have assisted more than 500 global corporations – and a greater number of local companies – in achieving their business goals:

  • increasing revenues,
  • reducing costs,
  • entering new markets,
  • understanding customers,
  • monitoring markets regularly.

PMR focus is to address our clients’ business challenges. Our advisory services provide our clients with concrete, actionable recommendations. At PMR, the tailor-made services we accomplish and regular business assistance we provide have a singular purpose: to address our clients’ specific requirements, individual situation, and unique competitive environment.

Our in-house team of subject-matter experts is composed of market researchers, data analysts, business consultants and economists. Because these professionals stay close to the market, companies, external experts and the marketplace’s relevant information, we can effectively help our clients be more successful, improve profitability and grow their businesses.

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We have answered thousands of questions
of our clients, these among others:
  • Which market penetration strategy is the best for me?

  • What are the key present business opportunities in my target markets?

  • Does my offer correspond to my customers’ preferences?

  • What are the measurable effects of my brand-building activities?

  • Are my clients satisfied with my products and customer service?

  • What should I do to boost my business growth in booming economies through acquisitions?

  • When planning to enter a new market, should I start as greenfield or brownfield?

  • How should I adapt my corporate strategy to overtake activities of my competitors?

  • What are my customers behaviour patterns?

  • Which indicators should I measure to benchmark my operations with the competition?

  • How should I incorporate the latest forecasts into my development plan?

  • Which supplier should I choose to ensure best quality and pricing?

  • Would entering the CEE and CIS countries be efficient for my business?

  • What is my competition’s detailed offering and pricing in each distribution channel?