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PMR is a market intelligence company with expertise in over 25 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We specialise in construction, retail, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and ICT sectors. Each year, we publish over 150 ready sector reports and market intelligence services. We organise business conferences and trainings, as well as conduct tailored research and consulting projects.

Since 1995, we have been working for more than 500 global corporations and for many regional companies. Our competitive advantage is built on a unique combination of in-house industry data, analyses, forecasts and substantial training, research and consulting experience. Using this synergy, we convert market knowledge into actionable business recommendations. PMR assistance has been used by our clients to increase their market share, successfully enter new areas and optimise costs.

We are recommended by:

Marketing - Area Manager (Trimo)

Trimo -

„We in Trimo have been using Central Europe Construction Review for the past year. We find the information from Central Europe Construction Review and from other PMR publications useful to our business and will continue to use them in the future.”

Non-Food Research Manager (Tesco)

Tesco -

„PMR's Central European Update was an invaluable source of information in terms of understanding developments in each of the country's economy and retail market. The information is clear, up to date and delivered at the right level of detail. I would recommend it as a reliable and informative source.”

Manager of Marketing (IBM)


„We chose PMR Research after taking into consideration the strong experience of its analysts in undertaking market research, our strong previous collaboration with the company and its specialization in the IT sector. The project was implemented conscientiously, on time and with a high level of quality. We are fully satisfied with our cooperation with PMR Research and can recommend it as a reliable partner in undertaking research and market analysis.”

Director Market Intelligence (Royal Ahold)

Royal Ahold -

„Your weekly and monthly newsletters help me keep a clear view on the developments in the food retail industry in Central and Eastern Europe. I also know from my colleagues in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia that they very much appreciate the quality and topicality of the news you provide. Please continue to do so.”

Business Analyst (Hilti Distribution, Russia)

Hilti Distribution, Russia -

„We regularly receive PMR's newsletters concerning Russian construction market. Their reports are always prepared professionally and on time, also it is very useful, interesting, good structured and contains up-to-date information. It's a great pleasure to cooperate with PMR because of the strong experience of its analysts in understanding local market. We consider PMR a competent and professional company which helps us doing our business.”

Export Manager (Case Logic Europe)

Case Logic Europe -

„I took the subscription during my search for a distributor/importer of our brand and I have found Retail Update Poland a very helpful tool to find out more about the main players in this market.”

General Manager (Sanofi-Synthelabo)

Sanofi-Synthelabo -

„We use PMR's services because of the strong experience of its analysts in undertaking market analysis and a high level of quality and involvement in the field of market research. We consider PMR a competent and professional company. PMR analysts understand our needs clearly and their services have fully met our expectations. I strongly recommend that company as a reliable partner in providing economic information and market analysis.”

General Manager (Bols, Poland)

Bols, Poland -

„The weekly Retail Update Poland is a very interesting publication whose scope of news is not confined to the retail sector. Almost in every edition I have found a lot of interesting information on the Polish spirits industry and the privatisation processes in this branch.”

Managing Director (Schueco International Poland)

Schueco International Poland -

„Schueco International Poland wishes to recommend PMR Publications, a division of PMR, as a trustworthy market information provider. Especially PMR's prognoses concerning the construction sector are worth recommending, as they are reliable, well prepared and using them helps our company successfully plan further development. We find the PMR staff, both market analysts and sales specialists highly professional, helpful and open to our suggestions.”

Research Director (Royal Ahold, The Netherlands)

 Royal Ahold, The Netherlands -

„PMR's retail publications give me detailed insight into retail developments in Poland, even concerning 'minor' developments. It is the most informative English-language resource that I have found.”

Head of the representative office (Centrumutveckling)

Centrumutveckling -

„The Report Retail in Russia and bi-weekly newsletter Retail Update Russia are really useful for us. Even though we have our own market research department we use it in assessing market conditions and base some of our assumption and forecasts when we do Market and Sales Potential for specific location and analyzing competition.”

Development Director (Baltika Group/Monton)

Baltika Group/Monton -

„I am very satisfied with the service that PMR provides us. Our business needs up to date information as we would like to catch all opportunities in our fast growing markets. I am receiving all important news about CEE and Russia from one source and getting insights from PMR markets analysis. I can recommend PMR as a partner to all companies who wish to make business on a professional level in this region.”

Member of the Managment Board (SCA Hygiene Products)

SCA Hygiene Products -

„PMR provides a good service and is always open to discussion. All reports are well structured and are always on time.”

Senior Trade and Investment Adviser (British Embassy in Warsaw)

British Embassy in Warsaw -

„We use PMR's services due to their analysts' extensive experience in market analysis, their high quality and level of engagement in the market research carried out for us. PMR's analysts understand our needs well and the standard of their service has always fully met our expectations. We are looking forward to cooperating with PMR in the future as well.”

Member of the Board of Directors (Yves Rocher)

Yves Rocher -

„First of all, PMR weekly and monthly publications are quite interesting. Every week I receive Retail Update Poland and Central Europe Retail. It's the information I need about retail in those countries. It allows me to understand what happens on those markets. I've recommended this publication to my colleagues in Russia.”

President (Schering Polska)

Schering Polska  -

„I have been reading Pharma Poland News of PMR Publications, on a regular basis for approximately 2 years. It is a valuable source of information with comments and analysis on Polish and CEE pharmaceutical markets. Pharma Poland News is an up-to-date, comprehensive and reliable publication which I find useful as the Country Head of Schering AG in Poland. It can be, therefore, recommended to pharma professionals, for its quality and accuracy of information presented.”

Market Development Manager (Zebra Technologies Europe Limited)

Zebra Technologies Europe Limited -

„The regular updates from PMR give us a detailed insight into the retail market that we couldn't possibly gather ourselves without significant resources. This information helps guide our strategy and decision-making in marketing and in selling our products to the retail market in Eastern Europe and Russia.”

Development Manager (GVA Grimley)

GVA Grimley -

„As a London-based company, with operations abroad, we looked for the best-in-class Market Intelligence supplier. PMR brought us quality reports that improved our CEE market knowledge and understanding. The information provided is very up-to-date and keeps us in the loop. Switching from pdf to online access proved to deliver even better results. We would always recommend PMR as a one-stop shop for all you need to know before making any decision. Thanks for all your efforts.”

PR manager (Teva Polska)

Teva Polska -

„Pharma Poland News is the leading one among similar publications available on the market covering Polish pharmaceutical sector. This is why I decided to buy it. I like a division into weekly newsletter comprising short news, and monthly publication comprising analytical, in-depth articles with nice graphics. Another advantage is English language so there is no need to translate it for headquarters or foreign employees of the company.”

Chief Marketing Officer (Eisberg Group)

Eisberg Group -

„I really appreciate regularly receiving the most significant market information of our principal marketing area in a consolidated format. The PMR services include not only an accurate level of detail, but also have central instruments such as a subject index and an abstract for the conclusion, allowing a fast orientation.”

Country Manager (Dr. Kade Pharmazeutische Fabrik GMBH)

Dr. Kade Pharmazeutische Fabrik GMBH -

„As a Germany company doing business in Poland, we really appreciate the reliable and useful information in Pharma Poland News. Especially the information of wholesalers, pharmaceutical law changes and announcement of new products registered in Poland are quite helpful to improve our business there.”

Marketing - Area Manager (Trimo)

Trimo -

„We in Trimo have been using Central Europe Construction Review for the past year. We find the information from Central Europe Construction Review and from other PMR publications useful to our business and will continue to use them in the future.”

Marketing Manager (URSA Eurasia LLC - URALITA)


„PMR became an important source of market information for us over the past 3 years. (…) The experience of work with PMR allow us to recommend this agency as a professional and reliable partner.”

Companies we have assisted: