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  • Construction sector in Czech Republic 2018

    This report reveals recent developments and new companies on the construction market in the Czech Republic. Information includes upcoming construction ventures, insightful, authorial trend analysis and evaluation of the overall market as well as its residential, non-residential, and civil engineering segments.

    Construction sector in Czech Republic 2018
  • Grocery retail market in Romania 2017

    The report contains a thorough analysis of situation on the grocery retail market of Romania, including the influence of macroeconomic factors, legislation changes as well as financial and development plans of the largest and medium retailers. The report covers 2013-2022, including structure, value and forecasts for the whole market and its specific distribution channels. It also includes information and sales value with a five-year forecast for online sales of food products.

    Grocery retail market in Romania 2017
  • ICT distribution market in Poland 2017

    The report presents the IT distribution market, including key trends and events, the ranking and profiles of the largest distributors in Poland, both broadline distributors and leading VAD/VAR companies and resellers. Additionally, the report analyzes Polish IT hardware market and its structure: computers (laptops, desktops, tablets), servers (including NAS), monitors, projectors, printing equipment (including 3D printing), as well as the sales of accessories and printer consumables. The report contains historical data in terms of volume and value of the market accompanied by expert commentaries along with development forecasts broken down by product categories and market segments in the years 2017-2022.

    ICT distribution market in Poland 2017
  • Distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Central Europe 2018

    This report is a complete collection of statistics, analysis, and forecasts for growth concerning the wholesale, pharmacy, non-pharmacy and online distribution channels of pharmaceuticals in Central European countries with growth prognosis 2017-2022. This in-depth document contains comprehensive and comparable coverage of markets in Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria. To illustrate the competitive environment, the report supplies a wholesaler and pharmacy chain fact and data sheet of regional leaders, coverage of regulations influencing distributors including anticipated regulations, and specific loyalty plans for pharmaceutical products if conducted by particular wholesalers or pharmacy chains.

    Distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Central Europe 2018
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