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  • Non-residential construction market in Central Europe 2016

    This report covers the non-residential construction market as a unit and examines separate markets in the following countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It presents value and growth data, analysis of the structure of the market and forecasts for development to 2020.The document also describes significant projects and overall activity in the office space, retail, hotel and professionals services categories as well as industrial and warehouse ventures.

    Non-residential construction market in Central Europe 2016
  • Clothing and footwear retail market in Central Europe 2016

    This unique publication includes detailed profiles of the region’s top market participants including financial status, market share and expansion strategies for 2016-2021. The in-depth report provides forecasts, value and growth updates, and much more for the Central European market and markets in six countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Use this report and learn key data, facts, and figures helpful in the management process. Also included are in-depth examinations of key market segments, descriptions of distribution channels and the most influential market trends, and development forecasts for 2016 through 2021.

    Clothing and footwear retail market in Central Europe 2016
  • Pay TV market in Poland 2016

    This exceptional report analyses the market for pay TV services in the business to consumer (B2C) segment, which includes households and individual users. It covers pay TV services provided through digital platforms, cable television networks, IPTV and VOD operators. The report presents a thorough analysis of supply and demand on the pay TV market in Poland, the main pricing and discount policies applied by operators, presentation of their pay TV services offer in terms of channels and multimedia content, and key information about suppliers active in Poland, including their current market shares.

    Pay TV market in Poland 2016
  • Dietary supplements market in Poland 2016

    This comprehensive analysis of the Polish dietary supplements market contains data on key product categories in this market, as well as pharmacy and non-pharmacy sales. The report also presents market development forecasts for the period 2016-2021 and provides information on the largest producers and distributors, distribution channels and the bestselling products (overall and in each category). It explores changes to legal regulations, consumer trends, major events and other conditions that routinely affect the development of the dietary supplements market in Poland.

    Dietary supplements market in Poland 2016
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