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  • Construction sector in Kazakhstan 2014

    Explore the impact of recent trends on the Kazakh construction market and assess prospects for the future as revealed in detailed development forecasts to 2020 by reviewing this source of vital industry information. The report includes the newest data and most accurate analysis of the market in its entirety and for each key segment - residential, non-residential and civil engineering construction. It also examines Kazakhstan’s top construction companies and most significant planned projects, while offering data on market value, industry related prices and investment and funding options.

    Construction sector in Kazakhstan 2014
  • Retail in Bulgaria 2014

    This document is a compilation of the newest data describing market conditions in Bulgaria’s retail sector, plus expert analysis and forecasts for each major retail segment: grocery, clothing and footwear, DIY and cosmetics and toiletries. It offers profiles of top companies and news about recent corporate activities such as mergers and acquisitions. Also included: economic and demographic overviews of Bulgaria, analysis of prevailing trends and updates on the e-commerce sector.

    Retail in Bulgaria 2014
  • Telecommunications market in Poland 2014 - Regional focus

    The report describes, in detail, the current situation on each segment of the telecommunications services markets in each of the 16 Polish voivodships. All major B2C and B2B KPIs regarding broadband Internet, fixed-line and VoIP telephony, cable TV and to some extent mobile services popularity are accompanied by consistent short and mid-term forecasts for each of the voivodships.

    Telecommunications market in Poland 2014 - Regional focus
  • OTC market in Poland 2014

    Discover the preferences of Polish consumers with regard to over the counter pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements within the pages of this convenient and informative document. Review historical data gleaned from five previous editions of this popular report and examine the outcomes of the OTC switch strategy employed by pharmaceutical companies, regulatory actions, status of leading manufacturers and sales by product category within the Polish market.

    OTC market in Poland 2014
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