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Latest PMR reports

  • Construction sector in Russia H1 2017

    This valuable market report provides a solid foundation of value and growth data for the entire market as well as the residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments, including growth forecasts until 2022. It delivers the finances and recently completed projects of the market’s leading players and provides an extensive review of ongoing and planned major construction projects in Russia over the coming years.

    Construction sector in Russia H1 2017
  • Clothing and footwear retail market in Poland 2017

    This 11th edition of our report provides a comprehensive overview of clothing and footwear retail in Poland. It examines the impact of macroeconomic factors and legal changes (e.g. the Rodzina 500+ programme, etc.) and looks at the financial situation and expansion plans of the largest players (e.g. LPP, Inditex, H&M, Pepco, CCC, Deichmann) as well as medium-sized ones (e.g. Cubus, CDRL, Bartek). The report analyses the value and structure of the market from 2013 through 2020 in terms of key distribution channels (clothing chains, the internet, direct selling, open-air markets, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and discount stores, with estimates of clothing and footwear sales at the leading grocery chains such as e.g. Biedronka, Lidl, Tesco, Kaufland, Carrefour) as well as in terms of price segments and product categories. For the purposes of this year’s report we have also conducted a consumer survey to arrive at a profile of the Polish consumer of clothing and footwear. The report thus contains data on the clothing and footwear purchases of Polish men and women, their propensity to buy specific fashion items and their preferred places for buying them, as well as loyalty to brands.

    Clothing and footwear retail market in Poland 2017
  • Data centre market in Poland 2017

    The report analyses the data centre market in Poland, mainly based on the results of a direct audit conducted in more than 20 leading data centres in Poland. Apart from the central part containing detailed profiles of 30 largest commercial data centre providers, the report includes an overview of the key market trends and the types of services offered by providers.

    Data centre market in Poland 2017
  • Online OTC products market in Poland 2017

    The report is the only publication available that looks at online sales of OTC products, an important but rarely-researched part of the OTC market. It provides an in-depth analysis of the various market segments, with a breakdown into the following product categories: OTC medications, dietary supplements and dermocosmetics. Uniquely, the report contains information on OTC sales in online stores (as opposed to e-pharmacies), a channel which market players have no systematic knowledge about. The report also provides a set of forecasts for online OTC sales and for individual OTC categories till 2022, along with a discussion of market trends and their future implications. Each trend is discussed in terms of its impact on current and future sales. The report also profiles leading pharmacies and online stores with information on financial performance, product assortment, major events and plans. It also contains Excel databasis with almost 400 online stores offering dermocosmetics and dietary supplements.

    Online OTC products market in Poland 2017
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