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  • Construction sector in Russia H2 2016

    This publication examines the state of Russia’s construction market as of H2 2016 in terms of value, current and planned production, as well as prospects for the market’s major players through 2021. It offers a convenient and comprehensive source of data reflecting the value of each segment as well as expert analysis of market conditions and influential trends. The report also reviews a list of major upcoming construction projects and the predicted effects of new regulations on construction market growth in Russia.

    Construction sector in Russia H2 2016
  • Children's products retail market in Poland 2016

    This unique report provides in-depth coverage of the activity and performance of leading distributors of clothing and footwear, toys, cosmetics and food for children in Poland. Users will learn about the market conditions that govern key trends and the distribution channels expected to provide the greatest opportunities for growth. In addition to the description of the current situation in the market, the document also supplies forecasts for market growth and development during the years 2016-2021. The report furnishes extensive profiles of the key market players, which users can reference for immediate details on each company’s sales, number of stores, market share, and planned investments. Consumer perspective is examined through the results of a survey conducted among adult shoppers for children under 12 years of age, which gathered information about consumer preferences, top shopping locations for children's products from different product categories, average consumer spending on these types of goods and the favourite brands of respondents.

    Children's products retail market in Poland 2016
  • IT market in Poland 2016

    This report is a handy compendium of essential knowledge about the IT market in Poland and its key segments: software, hardware and IT services. It presents key indicators for the industry, comprehensive analyses of market conditions and the competitive landscape, and reliable forecasts for the market, its segments and sub segments during the period 2016-2021. The report also contains results of a survey conducted by PMR among representatives of more than 100 significant IT companies currently operating in Poland.

    IT market in Poland 2016
  • OTC market in Romania 2016

    This analysis offers its readers a comprehensive evaluation of the OTC market for medications and dietary supplements in Romania, including OTC non-drugs. The publication also provides information on bestselling products, market leaders, advertising strategies, and forecasts for growth and development in 2016-2021, including predictions for the development of the main therapeutic categories. This unique and useful resource aids businesspeople by providing them with insightful reviews of the impacts of new trends, consumer preferences, and changes to the market’s regulatory structure and conditions.

    OTC market in Romania 2016
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