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  • Construction machinery market in Russia 2014

    This publication furnishes the latest data on major categories of construction machinery available on the Russian market. It examines overall conditions in the market, production and import data for specific types of machinery and the macroeconomic and market trends that promise to influence growth. The report provides in-depth coverage of growth in Russia’s construction machinery market, listings of the most popular brands and financial and earnings status of top construction companies. It covers leading producers intent on market entry and expansion and profiles the key Russian and global producers of - construction machinery.

    Construction machinery market in Russia 2014
  • Clothing and footwear retail market in Bulgaria 2014

    Discover opportunity in the Bulgarian clothing and footwear retail market when you review this comprehensive guide to the value, structure and future development of this expanding marketplace. This report provides the latest statistical data on the value of vital segments, analysis of powerful trends and segmentation of the market by product and price level. It contains consumer feedback and offers detailed forecasts that track likely directions of development to 2019.

    Clothing and footwear retail market in Bulgaria 2014
  • IT market in Central and Eastern Europe 2014

    The report delivers an analytical set of major KPIs and statistics describing the situation on the IT market in seven Central and Eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine. It includes analysis of the situation in the entire market in its individual segments –hardware, software and IT services. The publication also provides an analytical view of current conditions, trends, prospects and the likely directions that development will take in each segment over the next five years. It also furnishes extensive lists of the major providers and vendors active in key segments of the IT markets in specific countries.

    IT market in Central and Eastern Europe 2014
  • Public hospitals market in Poland 2014

    This publication evaluates the current status and potential for expansion in the public hospital sector in Poland. It offers saturation analysis of services provided at public hospitals, by voivodship and within the population centres of large cities and ranks medical service specialisations in terms of predicted demand. The report also contains profiles of Poland's largest public hospitals and delivers information obtained through a survey of professionals (hospitals’ managers) familiar with current market conditions, plans for public hospital expansions and opportunities for and obstacles to success in this market.

    Public hospitals market in Poland 2014
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