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  • Construction sector in Germany 2016

    This valuable market report is a wide-ranging compilation of analyses offering details for valuable ongoing or future projects on the market during the forecasted period of 2016-2021. It delivers information on the finances and recently completed projects of the market’s leading players and provides a solid foundation of value and growth data for the entire market, as well as the residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments. It also supplies expert analysis of Germany’s macroeconomic situation, government programmes, plans for infrastructure projects, the effects of legal and regulatory trends on the market and much more. It also includes growth forecasts till 2021.

    Construction sector in Germany 2016
  • Retail market in Russia 2016. Cosmetics, clothing, consumer electronics, grocery and DIY

    Refer to this trusted report when confronted with questions about the value, growth and development prospects of Russia’s retail sector and each of its premiere segments: grocery, clothing and footwear, consumer electronics, DIY, and cosmetics and toiletries. This publication delivers the latest value and growth data, profiles of Russia’s most popular retailers, trend analysis and updates on the sales and development of top private label programmes.

    Retail market in Russia 2016. Cosmetics, clothing, consumer electronics, grocery and DIY
  • Internet of Things in Poland 2016

    The IoT in itself is not a revolutionary idea but it rather indicates what can be achieved by, on the one hand, connecting traditional devices in our surroundings to a network and, on the other hand, by using various types of sensors. It has been driven first of all by the increase in the penetration of internet services, including broadband connections, accompanied by the rapid expansion of mobile access services, smartphones and mobile applications.

    Internet of Things in Poland 2016
  • Imaging diagnostics and radiotherapy market in Poland 2016

    The report provides an analysis of the imaging diagnostics and radiation therapy services market in Poland – value of the segments accompanied by forecasts until 2021, and key players (detailed profiles). It describes the most important past and expected events and trends along with assessment of their impact on the current and future market value. This is an indispensable tool to evaluate the market potential – possible revenues from such operations and number of examinations performed. The analysis also takes into consideration sources of examination funding. The segments covered in the report: X-ray diagnostics, ultrasound, MRI, CT, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy.

    Imaging diagnostics and radiotherapy market in Poland 2016
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