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PMR provides reliable market intelligence,
research, consulting for business professionals
interested in Central and Eastern Europe
and CIS in the following sectors:

Latest PMR reports

  • Construction sector in Kazakhstan 2016

    This document provides current data describing market conditions for each segment – residential, non-residential and civil engineering construction – in Kazakhstan. It also contains figures for the overall market and information concerning the competitive environment in key building materials categories, market insights on the production and consumption of key building materials, employment, wages and investments. Also delivered: forecasts through the year 2021 for the overall market’s development, drivers of growth with specific figures for each segment and details on upcoming projects.

    Construction sector in Kazakhstan 2016
  • Grocery retail market in Poland 2016

    The newest edition of this PMR report analyses the retail food trade in Poland. It includes a comprehensive overview of the market as well as presentations of current value, forecasts for 2016- 2021 and analysis of prevailing trends and expected changes to the market as a result of important influences. Users will find valuable data and expert analysis of the current business and strategic plans of leading retailers, including their income, scope of activities and plans for the opening of new stores. The report also furnishes key data describing ongoing business development in Poland’s grocery retail segment, along with essential forecasts for market growth and expansion in the next five years.

    Grocery retail market in Poland 2016
  • IT market in Poland 2016

    This report is a handy compendium of essential knowledge about the IT market in Poland and its key segments: software, hardware and IT services. It presents key indicators for the industry, comprehensive analyses of market conditions and the competitive landscape, and reliable forecasts for the market, its segments and sub segments during the period 2016-2021. The report also contains results of a survey conducted by PMR among representatives of more than 100 significant IT companies currently operating in Poland.

    IT market in Poland 2016
  • OTC market in CIS countries 2016

    This report serves as a convenient tool for the evaluation and analysis of the over-the-counter medications, cosmetics and dietary supplements market in the CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In addition to information and data about the value, structure, and 2016-2021 growth potential, this report enables readers to compare conditions between markets in the three countries quickly and easily, as well as to study the competitive environment in each country.

    OTC market in CIS countries 2016
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