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  • Non-residential construction market in CIS countries 2014

    This report is a comprehensive study of key types of non-residential construction in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. It examines demand for new and renovated spaces for use as office, industrial, retail and services and warehouse locations as well as planned and in-progress ventures aimed at meeting the need for these types of non-residential facilities. This document also provides in-depth analysis of market trends and information about top investors engaged in each segment.

    Non-residential construction market in CIS countries 2014
  • Sports goods retailing in Poland 2014

    This report is a complete source of reliable facts and figures on sports goods retailing in Poland, especially in the segments of: sportswear, sports shoes and sports equipment. In this publication, we investigate changes in market conditions since 2010 and supply reliable market development forecasts for the period to 2016. Readers will benefit from relevant information about key players active on the Polish market. The report includes recent financial data, number of operating outlets, business strategies employed by leading companies, plans for future growth and more. This publication also provides analysis of the most popular consumer and market trends, particularly those that have recently dominated sports goods retailing in Poland.

    Sports goods retailing in Poland 2014
  • IT market in Poland 2014

    This publication monitors current market conditions and provides forecasts for continued growth over the next five years. It evaluates the overall IT market and each of its key segments – hardware, software and IT services. A survey of approx. 100 IT professionals representing companies currently active in the Polish IT industry remains at the core of this unique document. Readers will benefit from their insight into the market’s structure, the employment situation in Polish IT and analysis of important industry trends and their power in the marketplace.

    IT market in Poland 2014
  • OTC market in CIS countries 2014

    Use this report to gain a complete understanding of the workings of the market for OTC pharmaceuticals such as medicines and dietary supplements in the following countries: Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. It describes the market in terms of value and structure, key product manufacturers and distribution channels, and provides comparative analysis of the markets in each country.

    OTC market in CIS countries 2014
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