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  • Construction sector in Poland H1 2016

    The new edition of this popular PMR report focuses not only on the size and production of larger construction companies operating in Poland, but also includes in-depth analyses of the production of small companies, defined as those typically employing nine workers or less. Readers will learn more about the prospects for growth in each of the segments and sub-segments of Poland’s construction market by reviewing this useful report, which also furnishes data useful in the comparison of leading construction companies operating in Poland. It also provides relevant information about more than 200 construction projects planned for implementation in Poland in the near future.

    Construction sector in Poland H1 2016
  • Cosmetics retail market in Hungary 2016

    Learn about the latest developments on the retail market for cosmetics in Hungary by reviewing this informative report. It includes updates on the leading players, the market value and the most influential trends making news in today’s marketplace. The report is a source of market news including mergers and acquisitions, market entries/exits, and the development of chains. The report defines the distribution network and key high-volume channels and describes consumer preferences and spending habits with regards to cosmetics purchases. The report furnishes forecasts for the market value for the period 2016 to 2021.

    Cosmetics retail market in Hungary 2016
  • Mobile internet and value-added services (VAS) market in Poland 2016

    This report is dedicated to the market for mobile internet and other value-added and non-voice services in Poland. It describes the value and dynamics of the market, service suppliers and their market shares, their offer and prices, and provides complete analysis of the main market segments, including payments by SMS, mobile games, interactive media, mobile marketing, mobile music and applications.

    Mobile internet and value-added services (VAS) market in Poland 2016
  • Private healthcare market in Poland 2016

    This handy compilation of market information describes current conditions and provides solid forecasts for the development of the private healthcare sector in Poland for the period 2016-2021. It includes analysis of the key market segments – medical subscriptions and health insurances – and an examination of the recent and current activity of the largest private medical companies in Poland. It also features two convenient databases: a comparison of offers of medical companies operating in Poland and a comparison of the health insurance offerings of the country’s leading insurance companies.

    Private healthcare market in Poland 2016
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