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  • Protective coatings market in Poland 2016

    This PMR publication features the results of a unique survey of the protective coatings market in Poland. The survey was conducted among construction companies operating on the Polish market, with personnel directly involved in the selection, purchase and use of protective coatings. Based on the compiled survey results, PMR was able to create, rankings of the most popular brands and identify top trends that have dominated the market. This edition of the PMR publication also furnishes expertly prepared forecasts for the development of the protective coatings market in Poland during the next five years, to 2021. Other highlights include analysis of the distribution network for these types of products, profiles of the key players operating in the market, and analysis of market structure, key statistical data and market value.

    Protective coatings market in Poland 2016
  • HoReCa market in Poland 2017

    This is the 9th and special edition of our flagship report providing a comprehensive view of the HoReCa market in Poland. Underpinning this year’s study are two surveys - of 1,000 consumers and 600 firms. The report, in addition to presenting data about market value, key market segments and market shares of leading players, also examines the most important trends in the HoReCa market as a whole and its major segments. The analysis extends from segment-specific tendencies and activities of major players through to the impact of recently enacted and planned legislation (including the Rodzina 500+ programme or restrictions on Sunday trade), and gives pointers as to the likely influence of specific factors over the next five years, not just their current impact. The report will analyse the market situation in terms of several dozen indicators and will also feature extensive comment and analysis from experts taking a broad view, one that takes into account the situation and trends observed in other HoReCa markets in Europe and beyond.

    HoReCa market in Poland 2017
  • Pay TV market in Poland 2017

    The latest trends in the OTT services market are also discussed in detail. The report features the analysis of supply and demand on the market as well as the providers’ profiles and their market shares, with regard to the number of subscribers and the value of sales revenues, revenue per customer and the type of services. The prices and discount policies applied by operators are also analysed, as well as offers available in Poland, in terms of channels and multimedia content. d.

    Pay TV market in Poland 2017
  • Public hospitals market in Poland 2017

    The publication provides an analysis of the public hospitals market in Poland, based on PMR’s own data. The fourth edition of the report studies current and future trends, as well as legal acts, along with assessment of their market impact prepared by PMR experts. An important part of the publication is represented by an analysis of saturation with services in the public hospitals sector by voivodships and major cities. The report includes crucial information on digitisation of hospitals and their adjustment to requirements laid down by other laws and regulations. The report shows the most urgent problems and opportunities of the sector from the perspective of practitioners – management staff of more than 200 hospitals surveyed by PMR. The report presents investments planned for the public hospitals market and projected spending on that purpose, as well as source of their financing. In addition, PMR experts identify niches – specialisations showing the greatest prospects for growth in the public sector. The publication also presents profiles of the largest public hospitals in Poland. It contains data regarding specialist medical services offered by these establishments. It provides information on the NFZ contracts, as well as size of a given facility in terms of revenue, total number of beds and specialty ward bed counts. The profiles also include an analysis of profitability of establishments and their plans for the future.You can also buy a database that contains records for approx. 600 public hospitals in Poland, considering such information as: referral level, contract value in 2016 and 2017, total number of beds, types of wards and specialty ward bed counts.

    Public hospitals market in Poland 2017
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