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  • Construction chemicals market in Russia 2015

    This important publication provides the latest data on market value and growth, assessments of the distribution network and feedback from contractors as collected during a survey of over 300 businesses that routinely make use of construction chemicals on the Russian market. The report addresses the market by product classification, and provides current value data, professional analysis and detailed forecasts for five key segments: flooring compounds, ceramic tile adhesives, masonry and ready-mixed building mortars, interior and exterior plasters and thermal insulation systems. It also provides fully detailed market forecasts for the period 2015-2020.

    Construction chemicals market in Russia 2015
  • Online retail market in Poland 2014

    This publication provides readers with an accurate assessment of the value and recent growth of the E-commerce sector in Poland. It evaluates the growth potential for the online sale of merchandise in the following categories: groceries, consumer electronics, home appliances and digital media, DIY, furniture and home furnishings and cosmetics. This publication also uses results from consumer surveys to determine the outlook for online shopping in Poland. It examines specific platforms such as Allegro, profiles leading online retailers and provides analysis of major trends along with detailed forecasts for development in the coming years.

    Online retail market in Poland 2014
  • Telecommunications market in Slovakia 2014

    This valuable report supplies the latest data, insightful analysis and prescient forecasts for growth in the fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony and Internet access and data transmission segments of the telecommunications market in Slovakia. It utilises noteworthy industry indicators, including ARPU, MoU, SAC, CAPEX and churn, and analyses top trends to determine their eventual effects on the market. The document features subscriber and traffic information and includes forecasts for upcoming development in the Slovakian telecommunications industry and in each key market segment.

    Telecommunications market in Slovakia 2014
  • Distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria 2014

    This report is designed to give the reader a complete view of market conditions, performance and the activities and status of leading companies active in pharmaceutical distribution on the Bulgaria market. The document also offers comprehensive forecasts for market development and expert analysis of the prospects for growth in wholesale, pharmacy, non-pharmacy and Internet-based distribution channels through the end of the decade.

    Distribution on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria 2014
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    Pozytywnym aspektem dla rynku jest fakt zwiększającej się mobilności Polaków, a także chęć posiadania samochodu, a nawet kilku, w gospodarstwie domowym. Co więcej, zwiększa się także liczba...
  • Negatywny trend na rynku hurtowym
    Naturalnie w wyniku obniżek stawek MTR największy spadek zanotował rynek telefonii komórkowej. Rynek zakańczania połączeń w telefonii komórkowej stracił w 2013 r. połowę swojej wartości w...
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