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PMR provides reliable market intelligence,
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  • Construction sector in Russia H2 2015

    This publication examines the state of Russia’s construction market as of H2 2015 in terms of value, current and planned production, earnings and prospects for the market’s major players through the year 2021. It offers a convenient as well as comprehensive source of data reflecting the value of each segment and expert analysis of market conditions and influential trends. The report also reviews a list of major upcoming construction projects and the predicted effects of new regulations on construction market growth in Russia.

    Construction sector in Russia H2 2015
  • Online retail market in Poland 2015

    This essential document appraises readers of the recent evolution, current status and expected development of online retail in Poland for the remainder of this decade. It includes growth prospects for major market segments that include: grocery, clothing and footwear, cosmetics, consumer electronics, DIY, home appliances and digital media and furniture and home furnishings. Readers will benefit from the latest updates on consumer preferences and leading retailers, with analysis and forecasts for online auction platforms such as Allegro.

    Online retail market in Poland 2015
  • IT market in Poland 2015

    Survey the recent growth of Poland’s IT industry and evaluate the prospects for the future by reading this versatile document prepared by the market experts at PMR. The report contains results of a management-level survey of IT professionals operating on the Polish market that offers answers to our clients’ questions about value, employment and wage situations in each of the market’s main segments. The report also offers in-depth analysis of the structure of Poland’s IT sector and profiles of the market’s leading participants.

    IT market in Poland 2015
  • OTC market in CIS countries 2015

    This exceptional document serves as a convenient tool for evaluation and analysis of the over the counter medications and dietary supplements market in the CIS countries of Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. In addition to information and analysis dealing with the value, structure, and growth potential of the market, this report enables readers to compare conditions between markets in the three countries quickly and easily.

    OTC market in CIS countries 2015
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