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  • Construction sector in Belarus 2015

    Turn to this publication for updates on all key components of the construction market in Belarus. Learn about the leading market players, their upcoming ventures and current value and activity on this market and its residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments. Added Excel database files contain essential details on 100 top contractors and 100 construction projects planned for the period 2015-2020. Construction industry professionals with interests in Belarus rely on this report for an accurate assessment of earnings and growth potential for the overall market and each key segment.

    Construction sector in Belarus 2015
  • Grocery retail in Russia 2015

    This timely report includes a complex analysis of the grocery retail market in Russia during the years 2011-2014, as well as forecasts for development in 2015-2020. It presents data and analysis describing the value and unique characteristics of the market, including all main sales channels and segments. This publication provides the total value of goods sold in Russian grocery stores, as well as food and food products sold in additional distribution channels. The fresh produce and FMCG assortment, as well as other products sold in grocery stores, are included. The report describes the most important trends observed on this market and the key factors affecting its development, and provides profiles of leading players active on the market.

    Grocery retail in Russia 2015
  • Value added and multimedia services in Poland 2015

    Stay updated on developments in the value added and multimedia services market in Poland by reviewing this comprehensive publication. It describes the products and services furnished through the mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony and pay TV infrastructures with a focus on the latest mobile internet applications, games and music that are attracting the attention of Polish consumers.

    Value added and multimedia services in Poland 2015
  • Cardiac medications market in Poland 2015

    This publication is a compilation of all vital data concerning the products, key market players, regulatory environment and the aspects of the reimbursement policy that have a significant impact on the pace of growth of the cardiac medications market in Poland. The report provides extensive analysis of key categories of cardiac medications classified as second level ATC and features profiles of the leading manufacturers on the market. The report is a source of the market development forecasts to 2020 prepared by PMR’s experienced team of the pharmaceutical market professionals.

    Cardiac medications market in Poland 2015
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