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  • Construction sector in Russia H1 2017

    This valuable market report provides a solid foundation of value and growth data for the entire market as well as the residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments, including growth forecasts until 2022. It delivers the finances and recently completed projects of the market’s leading players and provides an extensive review of ongoing and planned major construction projects in Russia over the coming years.

    Construction sector in Russia H1 2017
  • DIY retail in Poland 2017

    The report contains unique data about the Polish DIY market, with a proprietary forecast looking as far ahead as 2022. It calculates the value of the total DIY market and its two main segments, i.e. institutional and DIY retail, and also looks at distribution channels, including DIY chains, large-format grocery stores, the internet, independent stores and open-air markets. Furthermore, the report discusses major factors affecting the DIY market (households’ propensity to undertake renovations and repairs, home buying plans, or the value of consumer and mortgage loans granted in Poland) and presents key market trends.

    DIY retail in Poland 2017
  • Data centre market in Poland 2017

    The report analyses the data centre market in Poland, mainly based on the results of a direct audit conducted in more than 20 leading data centres in Poland. Apart from the central part containing detailed profiles of 30 largest commercial data centre providers, the report includes an overview of the key market trends and the types of services offered by providers.

    Data centre market in Poland 2017
  • Telemedicine market in Poland 2017

    The report provides a broad range of market indicators regarding the telemedicine market considering the key market data: market value, crucial areas of telemedicine use now and in the future, as well as major providers of such solutions in Poland. It also comprises an in-depth analysis of the current portfolio and plans of market players (service providers) relating to services of this kind (especially teleradiology, telekonsylia, solutions for use by patients at home).

    Telemedicine market in Poland 2017
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