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  • Piping systems market in Poland 2014

    The report presents a comprehensive overview of the piping systems market as a whole as well as a comparative study of the 52 leading suppliers of piping systems on the Polish market. The report examines a number of themes, including surveyed companies’ revenues from piping systems, staff numbers, distribution structure, and companies’ involvement in foreign trade in piping systems. The report focuses on three main types of piping products: those made of steel, plastic or concrete. In addition, the report presents the profiles of 52 major companies operating in the segment of piping systems.

    Piping systems market in Poland 2014
  • Private label in Poland 2014

    Discover the secrets to successful private label product sales in Poland while reviewing this valuable document. It supplies essential data describing value, growth and future expansion of the market for private label goods sold in grocery retail outlets across Poland.

    Private label in Poland 2014
  • IT market in Poland 2014

    This publication monitors current market conditions and provides forecasts for continued growth over the next five years. It evaluates the overall IT market and each of its key segments – hardware, software and IT services. A survey of approx. 100 IT professionals representing companies currently active in the Polish IT industry remains at the core of this unique document. Readers will benefit from their insight into the market’s structure, the employment situation in Polish IT and analysis of important industry trends and their power in the marketplace.

    IT market in Poland 2014
  • OTC market in Central Europe 2014

    Review this timely and comprehensive report for the newest available data on the market for over the counter drugs and dietary supplements in the Central European countries of: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The publication provides market value, OTC sales via non-pharmacy, pharmacy and online channels and historical data that places market performance in accurate context. It also supplies comparative analysis and in-depth forecasts for market activity in the years ahead.

    OTC market in Central Europe 2014
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