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  • Construction sector in Russia H1 2016

    This report keeps users up-to-date on market conditions in the construction sector in Russia. It contains valuable information about the most recent trends and projects in the residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments, forecasts for activity from 2016 and expert analysis of key drivers of growth and influences on market development. The report also includes an examination of the competitive environment in key building materials categories, market insights on production and consumption of key building materials, as well as an update on regulatory developments in Russian construction. The report is complemented by a directory with a wide range of details describing 100 top contracting companies at work on the construction sector in Russia.

    Construction sector in Russia H1 2016
  • Cosmetics retail market in Poland 2016

    Consult this report to learn more about the current value of the cosmetics market and each of its key segments, as well as the expected impacts of established and emerging trends. This concise, yet comprehensive analysis examines the various cosmetics distribution networks in Poland and describes the selected product segments. The report also includes detailed forecasts for the years 2016-2021 and analysis of the cosmetics retail distribution network throughout the country, along with profiles of the major players of the cosmetics market.

    Cosmetics retail market in Poland 2016
  • Data centre market in Poland 2016

    This report updates readers on the value of the data centre market in Poland, provides reliable growth forecasts for the period from 2016 to 2021, and delivers valuable information obtained directly from the owners of the largest commercial data centres operating in Poland. The document also offers expert analysis of the data processing industry, including the most powerful trends, the competitive environment, and the offers and pricing structures utilised by those participating in the current market.

    Data centre market in Poland 2016
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare market in Poland 2016

    This document includes comprehensive analysis of the pharmaceutical and healthcare market in Poland, data on pharmacy and hospital sales, details on the key categories of ATC drugs, analysis of epidemiological trends and profiles and listings of major manufacturers and the best-selling products. It presents in-depth market development forecasts for the entire market during the period 2016-2021, as well as for each ATC category, as well as a look at current consumer preferences with regard to purchasing medicines and using specific health services.

    Pharmaceutical and healthcare market in Poland 2016
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