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  • Non-residential construction market in Central Europe 2015

    This report covers the non-residential construction market as a unit and examines separate markets in the following countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It presents value and growth data, analysis of the structure of the market and forecasts for development to 2020.The document also describes significant projects and overall activity in the office space, retail, hotel and professionals services categories as well as industrial and warehouse ventures. It includes planned and new construction as well as renovation and re-purposing projects.

    Non-residential construction market in Central Europe 2015
  • Grocery retail in Poland 2015

    Review this publication for a comprehensive look at recent growth and the current value and existing conditions in Poland’s grocery retail sector. It presents data and analysis describing recent activities and strategic plans of top retailers that include revenues, scope of operations and new store openings.

    Grocery retail in Poland 2015
  • IT market in Russia 2015

    Keep current with the latest trends on the market and learn about companies active in Russian IT by reviewing this timely and convenient report. It contains data quantifying the current value of the market and its main segments: hardware, software and IT services and distribution. The publication also presents forecasts for market growth and development, updates on planned IT investments of major Russian companies and listings of leading hardware providers, software suppliers and outsourcing specialists.

    IT market in Russia 2015
  • Private healthcare market in Central Europe 2015

    Explore the foremost issues in Central Europe’s private healthcare sector by reviewing this publication. It includes the latest updates on the progress of medical tourism and value and growth of medical subscriptions, private hospitals and private health insurance across the CE region. The report includes extensive profiles of the leading companies active in private healthcare in Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

    Private healthcare market in Central Europe 2015
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