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  • Construction sector in Russia H2 2014

    This report provides up to date coverage of all activity in Russia’s construction sector as of 2014 H2, and offers forecasts for upcoming growth and development to 2020. It evaluates the entire market and examines the residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments separately. The document includes profiles of top companies, updates on construction projects, planned and in progress and the total number of residential units set for completion by 2020.

    Construction sector in Russia H2 2014
  • Retail in Romania 2014

    This publication brings together a wide variety of statistical data and combines it with expert analysis and carefully constructed development forecasts to deliver a comprehensive view of the major players, market conditions and significant trends in Romanian retail. It provides value data and market analysis for the entire retail sector and for significant segments such as: grocery, clothing and footwear, DIY and cosmetics and toiletries. Use this report to plan market entry or expansion, locate potential investments, mergers and/or acquisitions or research the domestic and international companies currently active in the marketplace.

    Retail in Romania 2014
  • Telecommunications market in Poland 2014 - Regional focus

    The report describes, in detail, the current situation on each segment of the telecommunications services markets in each of the 16 Polish voivodships. All major B2C and B2B KPIs regarding broadband Internet, fixed-line and VoIP telephony, cable TV and to some extent mobile services popularity are accompanied by consistent short and mid-term forecasts for each of the voivodships.

    Telecommunications market in Poland 2014 - Regional focus
  • Plastic surgery market in Poland 2014

    The inaugural edition of this report describes and analyses the expanding market of plastic surgery in Poland. It focuses on the companies making their mark in this growing market providing data on operations, finances and market share and provides analysis of the market’s opportunities and obstacles. This publication also presents data on current market value and detailed forecasts for growth of the plastic surgery sector in Poland to 2015.

    Plastic surgery market in Poland 2014
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