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  • HVAC market in Russia 2014

    This publication is an all-inclusive source of first-hand information about conditions and prospects on the HVAC market in Russia. It includes findings of a dedicated market survey carried out by PMR among top contracting businesses active in the industry. The report presents a complete assessment of the brands available on the Russian HVAC market. It provides contractor ratings of the brands of leading manufacturers, provides listings of the best-selling brands in Russia, and much more.

    HVAC market in Russia 2014
  • Clothing and footwear retail market in Russia 2014

    This document encompasses the results of expert research and observation of Russia’s retail clothing and footwear market, with special insights for the luxury merchandise and the children’s wear segments, as well as the online channel. It features the latest analysis of significant trends, retailer rankings and complete macroeconomic and demographic details. Also included: detailed forecasts for market development through 2019, coverage of major market segments, top merchandise categories and overview of the significant distribution channels and price segments.

    Clothing and footwear retail market in Russia 2014
  • IT market in Russia 2014

    This report provides data and in-depth analysis describing the size and scope of the Russian IT market and these key segments: hardware, software and IT services and distribution. It delivers value and growth data as well as predictions for market development and direction for the period to 2019. This document analyses significant trends and profiles leading companies participating in the market, supplies macroeconomic context for current and forecast market developments and much more. All information is organised to match the structure of other PMR regional market reports, in order to enable comparative analysis.

    IT market in Russia 2014
  • Generic and innovative drugs market in Russia 2014

    This report presents a comprehensive view of current conditions and key issues in the generic and innovative drug markets in Russia. It provides data describing the size of the market and of each segment, and analyses the impact of legal issues such as those regulating pricing, reimbursement, data exclusivity and patents. The document also offers profiles of top companies, detailed forecasts for 2014-2019 and top selling products in the marketplace.

    Generic and innovative drugs market in Russia 2014
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